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  1. Espn adjusted the draft adps the day of my draft. At one time he was close to 100 yet when i drafted him it was close to 50 :/. Hadn't been a problem until now. But i felt like he was a nice albeit a reach pick up at 51
  2. Ian Mahanmi is coming back too... This is could start to looking bad
  3. lmao I hear that. As long as he keeps doing what he does I don't care what he looks like
  4. Anyone notice that he's just been looking exhausted while playing lately?
  5. I refuse to continue this add/drop dance with you Slo-Mo...
  6. Not watching the game. Is he just missing open shots or is he just taking bad ones?
  7. about to sell Gordon in a package for Lowry... he's too inconsistent!!
  8. May drop Corey Joseph for him... Any thoughts? He seems very exciting but do we think we can push for mid-20s instead of low?
  9. Definitely should look to trade first before just dropping
  10. lol i just did that last night too. Really wish this news came out before waivers this morning
  11. Starting the year with an injury is never a good sign. With an MCL injury, it'll take time to for his play to pick back up to what is expected. I think it's worth exploring trade options.
  12. What are the benefits of keeping this guy? Was expecting decent fg% with rebounding and points and occasional 3. Y'all think he can atleast do that?
  13. Do you remember what injury was lagging him for most of the year?
  14. Way too looked over as a player because he isn't such a big name. If you could entice someone with a flashy rookie or package someone with upside I'd take a shot before its too late
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