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  1. I don't know if the term helmet is used over there much the same way it is used over here, but I find myself giggling childishly at the repeated use of the term in various contexts in this thread.
  2. No mention of Holyfield either. Didn't look completely solid early the other night, bit still managed to pop in a couple of TDs, which I guess is more relevant to this culturing topic. He had a shocker of a 40 but the ability is there.
  3. It's absolutely worth noting any amount of fumbles/drops he had, course it is. And why wouldn't it raise a red flag to you? We all have our own subjective basis for utilising metrics at hand, among with eye test and fit feeling/experience of situation, if that's a big one for someone, then fair enough. I'm a Moore owner in Dynasty and I'm not so concerned with the player himself per se, the talent is there in abundance. It's moreso the spaghetti shoulder quarterback he's playing with that terrifies me.
  4. Redraft is last weekend in August for us. Gets most of the headache of contracts, injuries, depth charts/questions out of the way for a cleaner draft. Our yearly rookie draft for Dynasty league however, is a 5 round draft which usually takes place a couple of weeks after the real NFL draft, so around early to mid May. We feel it keeps it as authentic as possible and are not afforded the luxury of training camps nor pre-season games to make decisions on rookies; everything is done purely on research, gut feeling on players and situations coming straight out of college and into landing
  5. I have a lot of belief in this kid, so much so that I traded up to take him end of the 2nd and can only echo what you've already said. Murray will serve a valuable purpose this season, but is in no way a long term answer. It even wouldn't surprise me to see Murray pulled in favour of Ozigbo if he's under performing this year.
  6. I overdrafted by a round or two to get him in my Dynasty start up last year. My favourite player... I absolutely love him. He's probably the only near untouchable player on my roster. Only a completely obscene offer would make me even consider parting with him. Excited to see what he can do this year.
  7. Seeing as Evans is a top 6-8 WR, Godwin is a top 20 WR and Howard is a top 5 TE, it kinda stands to reason that Winston should at least get a bump up on the back of that alone.
  8. I took Jeremy Cox earlier this week, as an absolute stonewall deepest of flyers. Be interested to see if he starts to get any sort of look in at camp if Gordon's absence becomes increasingly protracted. Yeah, I'll probably be dropping him in a couple of weeks...
  9. Yeah, bit of a mind boggler, that one.
  10. Nah that's cool - you raise a good point about people drafting now. Though, if anything, it's going to help those that are down on him as his still inflated ADP may appeal to managers who pick higher on rep and adp than other factors. I also should have taken a bit more notice of Ryan's full point as it wasn't just the situation, but Watkins' health concerns he was focusing on. He's not my guy by the way... he's a DND for me. I did have him in Dynasty, but sold him high.... gave him up for a 1.06, which I used to get David Montgomery
  11. Well, it's not his true ADP is it? What's the point in even taking notice of his current ADP? Seeing as it's still only July and we're only a handful of days gone since the Tyreek Hill news; shouldn't we give it a little time for it to align properly before making any real judgements on it, let alone label it a joke? The same goes for the discussion. What's been discussed up to and including a few days back is all pretty immaterial now... But, the fact is, he's still a talented player and is still the WR2 for last years highest scoring QB so is extremely relevant. If we're t
  12. Apologies as this is a bit off topic, but very much draft ranking/position rankings etc and a completely noob question that I've never really thought of confirming... When people speak of a player being great value because he's "going in the 3rd round" or another player being discussed as "an RB1 or an WR3" (not on his team), I've always taken this as to be a standard rank for a 12 team league and a the player being ranked in the top 12 players in their position, respectively... is this accurate? I've never thought of questioning it really.
  13. ... and isn't slated as the #1 RB on that team.
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