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  1. I was the top scoring team all season and ended up losing in week 16 because I sat Myles Gaskins and played Le'veon Bell. Doh! Plus I cut Jeff Wilson (owned Mostert) right before week 15's games started and couldn't get him back unless he cleared waivers - which he didn't. My opponent played him in the flex. Another costly Doh! It wouldn't have mattered if I stuck with Gaskins though.
  2. If Keenan Allen sits, Tyron Johnson is worth playing. I watched the last game (started Keenan Allen to my disappointment) and Johnson sure looked good. Plus during camp, he was on the 2nd team with the other WR Guyton and so was the now starting QB Herbert. He's got the chemistry part already with the QB. "Los Angeles Chargers – Tyron Johnson averaged 0.35 fantasy points per snap over the last eight weeks. He ranks fifth among wide receivers in that time." according to PFF.
  3. I think Gaskins will have the lead role, he's earned it. I watched the game last week, and while Ahmed was running pretty well, so was Breida (who's been pretty ineffective most of the year). I attribute a lot of their running success as much to the Pat's run defense playing poorly since they made even Breida look good. The Raider's are a great matchup too, their run defense is bad and gives up a lot of TDs. I also got to assume Tua won't get two rushing TD's this week like last game and the RB's will get theirs. [...] Gaskins's ceiling is real high but his floor might be lower if
  4. "J.K. Dobbins may become the Baltimore Ravens’ featured back for the stretch run. Wednesday afternoon was a weird and very real thing in Week 12 of the 2020 NFL season. Though the Baltimore Ravens fell to 6-5 on the year, as the arch rival Pittsburgh Steelers stayed perfect, we may have seen something interesting regarding Baltimore the rest of the way. While he did not play, is J.K. Dobbins about to become the featured back in Baltimore going forward? The Fantasy Footballers are projecting this because of what they saw out of Justice Hill filling in for presumably Dobbins in the Baltimore
  5. I agree with the Goedert sentiment. I like Goedert but with the injuries on the OL, they are going to need him to block and that should keep his targets lower than normal ... Last game Reagor got a TD and 6 targets w/ Wentz trumpeting his return pregame because he would help open up the offense. Last week Fulghum had 7 targets, which was a steep dropoff compared to the games before Reagor / Goedert's return. I still like Fulghum (own in multiple leagues) but liked him a lot better when he was the last man standing... This could be a bit of a Dolphins' Davante Parker situation -- his sp
  6. "Since a Week 3 disaster against Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans, Jenkins has been on a tear. In fact, he’s arguably been one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, with Pro Football Focus data to back it up. Since week 3, Janoris Jenkins has the 7th best coverage grade in the NFL and has not allowed a touchdown, among CB’s with a min of 350 snaps" came right out of https://giantswire.usatoday.com/2019/12/11/new-york-giants-janoris-jenkins-rips-critics-in-tweetstorm/ I seen the other articles too already.
  7. OK, got the facts straight, Jenkins was the #7 CB after week 3 till he got cut https://giantswire.usatoday.com/2019/12/11/new-york-giants-janoris-jenkins-rips-critics-in-tweetstorm/
  8. My bad, I thought I read he was # 3, in an article. Maybe it was referring to his play from a couple of years ago.
  9. Janoris Jenkins was the # 3 CB by Pro football focus when he got waived by the Giants. He wasn't waived due to performance so he's got the ability - but how well will he know the defense? I watched the Ram's first game after the Jalen Ramsey trade, he made a lot of mistakes, but the emotional boost he gave that defense was pretty impactful I got to say. It's a lot easier for guys to get open in the slot, so I have good confidence in AJ this week, since he's had heavy slot usage even in college. Corey Davis has an ankle injury, the other slot WR Adam Humphries is injured, that should keep t
  10. Quite true, Flacco has not been good at throwing the ball deep for years. Perriman is a boom / bust play. Some people don't think his role will change much -- he'll still be the deep guy in this offense, but there's no Evans to take away those deep throws from him anymore. He should be a priority in the offense. I like Perriman this week, but not as much as say AJ Brown on the Titans-- that's also a last man standing kind of role with the injuries to the WR's on that team.
  11. Two weeks ago, Kupp was in on 28% of the snaps or thereabouts if I remember correct. Last week, the Rams were trailing big and it still took the very end of garbage time for Kupp to get any production. Plus TE Gerald Everett is coming back this week, another mouth to feed, when earlier in the season Everett's snaps were coming at Kupp's expense. I would be very concerned about Kupp's usage and don't feel too confident starting Kupp. Perriman's game was the outlier of his career, but he's the only starting WR left on that team from the beginning of the year and Winston is going to thro
  12. Pedersen has always used Running backs by committee & there are only 3 guys left in the RB committee (but Ajayi looks washed up). Sanders is likely keeping the lead RB role as long as Jordan Howard is out. But with no healthy starting WR's left from the beginning/middle of the season, the passing game is going to flow more through the TE's (3 TE's last week were involved) and RBs. Something similar happened when Green Bay lost Davante Adams to injury, much more of the load was carried by their RB's, including receiving work - both Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams shone during that time.
  13. Lamar will play next Sunday, you can book it. When, if ever, has a team rested its starters two weeks in a row in the NFL. I remember Peyton Manning sitting in week 16 when the Colts could have gone for the 16-0 record -- it didn't pay off during the playoffs to do it. Even sitting game 16 and a first round bye leads to being rusty in the playoffs. Sitting weeks 15 & 16 AND a first round bye, that's just too much time off. Watching the game last night was amazing but conflicting because I'm playing Lamar but my opponent has three Ravens (Ingram, Andrews and their Defense) going aga
  14. Mack was back at practice today. Hilton might come back and play before the year is over, so he's likely out. The game's in Tampa, so the the homefield advatage might be big. Watch the weather report, if its hot, it will greatly favor the home team. I remember reading the Miami Dolphins have one of the best homefield advatages because the sun shines on the visiting bench all day (the home team gets the shade), so on a hot day that really takes a toll on the visiting team.
  15. Best trade. got Lamar Jackson and Odell Bekham for Dak Prescott & 49ers D. Did that two weeks ago. I have the Pittsburgh D and really wanted Lamar, seeing I drafted Lamar in my other league In that other league, traded WR Tyrell Williams for TE Mark Andrews after week 2. That worked out well, seeing how he dropped Tyrell a few weeks later.
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