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  1. Looking great out there and the team seems to be trusting him (he closed the game tn). Considering dropping JV or Saric for him because I need blocks ?
  2. I don’t think they will put him in a back to back scenario yet as he is just 2 games in coming back from injury
  3. cedi has had the opportunity playing 30 mins a game...maybe he’s not worth the hype or maybe he’ll play better with the younger guys. I’m holding for a few more games and then I’m going to have to make a decision
  4. New coach; head office wanting to play younger guys...He and Cedi should have a nice boost
  5. Looked good, wonder what it’ll be like when Collins is back
  6. With Dunn Out for the next 6 weeks he’s gonna be producing like crazy so it’s a good sell high window. Me personally though I’m going to be holding onto lavine for the season
  7. I just dropped monk for him after seeing what he is doing TN, he’s definitely a 9cat stud.
  8. I feel like I should try trading him. I’m not really enjoying the rotation and he will for sure be an up and down player throughout the season. The frustration is real
  9. Dude is a steal monster, gets the 3’s and has shown some amazing IQ definitely in for a breakout year IMO.
  10. Totally agree and if Charlotte isn’t doing too hot come playoff time for fantasy I can see Monk getting good usage in the late season.
  11. He looked a little unfocused in last game but I’m not worried we all know the beast he is.
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