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  1. All these people who were criticizing JJJ need to have a game of thrones style walk of shame
  2. Well Sexton has been on fire lately so I suppose he took that into account and he is out of the playoff picture so maybe the news of the Achilles scared him a bit. Also forgot to mention I added Cedi Osman as a throw in but I'm not sure that's worth much
  3. Just got him for Sexton! All abord the hype train hope he gets healthy soon!
  4. He's killing it but his minutes have dipped a bit lately and bog gets alot of usage when they share the court together
  5. I watched the game and he made a lot of tough shots tonight. Not picking him up yet
  6. He was a great rebounder in college. I just think playing defense on stretch 4s of the modern hurt his chances to grab them. Plus kyle Anderson's sole role on the team appears to be to rebound and only rebound so that doesn't help either
  7. I've held on thus far but can't do it anymore. If you want to suck pick this guy up!
  8. Yeah Harden and CP3 monopolize the ball quite a bit. I don't like the move to Houston one bit
  9. The Magic will be out of the playoff run as usual, easy hold for me
  10. I feel dirty selling high on this guy. I think he will get minutes in 25-28 range which will limit him in the short run but he will still be productive. Good luck to his owners, all it takes is one injury and this guy will blow up
  11. I'm actually okay with the line. You can't draw a worse match up than Jrue holiday and Anthony Davis.
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