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  1. watching his game last night it was really evident how involved he was. Ran point some plays, was getting pick n' rolls, finished well around the rim. He's also clearly a presence on the defensive end. As long as his FT isn't a drag he will be valuable even off the bench.
  2. I'm high on Landry ROS for sure just from target share alone. Also probably getting some good game scripts
  3. Soooo what we thinking going forward. Didn't see that many snaps but made the most of them
  4. Thanks for my help, yours is close but I'm personally a big fan of Allen Rob and his volume (like him more than AJ). With Bell there you could also see a regression of CEH, specifically goal-line work (toss up vs. Drake). J tucker is the safest kicker and Id rather keep him. With all that in mind, I don't think I would do it.
  5. -0.5ppr Some help would be appreciated fellas. Cheers.
  6. How we feeling about him as a flex this week
  7. Worth a flex this week or we trying to avoid these 2 backs until we see the split
  8. Watkins to miss time, here we goooo 🚀
  9. Going forward, whats his value like with Thomas back in the lineup? Worth a roster spot?
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