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  1. Kyler is going to have the type of end of year performance that will have people considering drafting him in the first 2 rounds next year. Regarding his performance last time he played; simply look at how he did the second time he played the 49rs vs the first. He is like the velociraptors who learned how to open the doors in Jurassic Park. Clever girl!
  2. The scraps mattison will get vs the meal bilal gets vs dolphins? What do you think?
  3. Oh i see, you’re quoting the bold predictions article. While i do think Bilal will be ok this week, i think that saying “fantasy pro article” when you mean the one where he acknowledges averaging about a 10% success rate is a bit of a misnomer. If the primer was saying that projection it would be a different story. Bold predictions is basically what brad Evans used to write for yahoo; entertainment purposes only
  4. This has been the year of one good week from a handcuff and that’s it. I enjoyed getting latavious 2 good weeks, one good week from johnathan Williams, one from Gallman, an ok week from Malcom brown, and a couple from mecole hard man if you can count him as a handcuff from when Tyreek was out. I did have have a couple times it bit me, week two of Gallman and John Williams that cost me big time. I have mattison and and my fingers crossed for this week
  5. Kicker has been my Achilles heel, so to speak. I drafted Maher thinking his dome would be a safe spot and he got me nothing but 4-6 points the first 6 games. I switched to Zane after his hot streak and he went cold. I switched back to Maher and got one good game and then a couple clunkers and last weeks -2 that cost me a win so i dropped him, picking up that 49rs kicker that was doing well. But apparently i didn’t do any research because he had been cut that afternoon so i used my last faab dollar to pick up a cut kicker and i was entering the playoffs with no kicker. Then, magically, the colt
  6. Fearless forecast: 4 carries 15 yards 1 reception 3 yards fumble. Questionable for return
  7. Sit Allen. He’s made of glass, he is in a shmit offense and has lost his target share to Henry
  8. Are we sure Julio is good to go? I think sanders is a pretty safe start, Parker is on fire so i wouldn’t sit him. I’d keep it as you have it unless Julio is out again then I’d play sanders at flex
  9. This is tough. I’d go bo, who is guaranteed the starting job (the only one out of the bunch) and probably Darwin. It would be nice if Mack were back 100%.
  10. My panic meter about the ny weather is 5 vs my panic meter about Kylers hammy is 6, so i guess ima go arod
  11. My waiver now has the following guys: shady, Gus, jaylen samuels and penny. Right now now i have cmc, saquon, John Williams, lat Murray, mattison and pollard at rb and locket, Kirk, woods, and deebo at wr. Unfortunatley pollard is locked until tuesday, but is anyone else worth dropping for one of those options?
  12. Sit McLaurin. Haskins will get eaten alive. I can see a 4 for 40 type of day for terry
  13. Sitting the #2wr (Godwin) vs the jags team that just let A.J. brown get a bunch of points off of them? At this point i don’t think I’d sub out Godwin for the rest of the year for anyone. Do you have a solid flex you are playing over Chark? Because he’s in for a day too
  14. I’m worried about the efficacy of Kyler. Even a slightly hobbled Kyler is going to lose the most dynamic parts of his game. Plus i know he had at least one hamstring injury from his baseball playing days in 2018. Of those options, I feel like the guy with the best narrative for the week is dalton. He has shown he can be elite in the past, he has been benched and sent the message that he might not be the future. I can see this game, against not so tough of an opponent as his self advertisement; either for the bengals or a new possible free agent team. I can see him going 330- 3td
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