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  1. Can you just take all the time you need to rest and come back healthy. I'd rather have you in my IL 'til you're healthy over having to wait 3 games before putting you in my IL when you get injured.
  2. KAT hasn't played in 4 weeks, so he probably already had 1-2 weeks of conditioning. He'll be good to go.
  3. Have you seen Josh Lloyd's fantasy discord? Literally half the people on there have a team with like 3-4 first round players and they're still asking for help lol. Way more tacos than reddit.
  4. Who cares honestly. It’s a forum. How much can they really change about it.
  5. Foul trouble facing Embiid. Nothing to see here, move along.
  6. I’ll be happy if it’s under a month. I think I can survive that long without him.
  7. He’s pretty bad for an end of bench guy unless you’re in a 14T+. Inconsistent with hella duds and rests b2bs.
  8. Officially a drop for me, just gonna stream his spot. It would be one thing if he didn't rest b2b but since he does it's simply not worth it. He'll probably have a few 20/7 games but they're far and few.
  9. Here's hoping he averages 15/5/5 ROS ❤️
  10. Walton’s dumbass probably would put him in for that
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