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  1. regardless, this is gonna do tons of good for his mental going forward.
  2. Shot and knocked down both of his 3 pointers in the first quarter. Lets gooo.
  3. he'd still need his right hand for handling unless he plans on only driving left lol
  4. naaah he feelin' himself in the first half ooouf
  5. Oh god if only I got trade Jrue for Kyrie at this point lmao.
  6. I wasn't even drafting to punt fg% this year. Holiday and Tatum combined for an immaculate performance of 7/39 fg tonight. That's whopping field goal percentage of 18%. 😚🥰😍
  7. Been watching the game and he's passed up on so many chances to get up a quality shot in the paint. The casters are always confused when he passes on a nice layup or teardrop opportunity.
  8. one would think he'd pop off with no ingram playing.. drafted jokic and this guy with my first two picks. lmaooo.
  9. his fg% wouldn't be so crap if he could gather some balls and draw contact/fouls when he drives in.
  10. Against 76ers and Embiid tomorrow... I'm scared lol.
  11. Good luck to everyone holding lol. I dropped him and picked up Fultz
  12. He got a triple double his rookie year. I think he still has the record for youngest player to ever record one in the NBA.
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