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  1. regardless, this is gonna do tons of good for his mental going forward.
  2. Shot and knocked down both of his 3 pointers in the first quarter. Lets gooo.
  3. he'd still need his right hand for handling unless he plans on only driving left lol
  4. naaah he feelin' himself in the first half ooouf
  5. Oh god if only I got trade Jrue for Kyrie at this point lmao.
  6. I wasn't even drafting to punt fg% this year. Holiday and Tatum combined for an immaculate performance of 7/39 fg tonight. That's whopping field goal percentage of 18%. 😚🥰😍
  7. Been watching the game and he's passed up on so many chances to get up a quality shot in the paint. The casters are always confused when he passes on a nice layup or teardrop opportunity.
  8. one would think he'd pop off with no ingram playing.. drafted jokic and this guy with my first two picks. lmaooo.
  9. his fg% wouldn't be so crap if he could gather some balls and draw contact/fouls when he drives in.
  10. Against 76ers and Embiid tomorrow... I'm scared lol.
  11. Good luck to everyone holding lol. I dropped him and picked up Fultz
  12. He got a triple double his rookie year. I think he still has the record for youngest player to ever record one in the NBA.
  13. I'd definitely make a move to try trade one of them your suspended players. If you have no IL, missing two players of Collins and Ayton's caliber for as long as they're out is too big of a hit imo. help?
  14. Hayward looks back on track this year. Definitely trade Conley for him if you can make it happen~ help?
  15. I'd drop Goga, pickup Collins and stream Richaud Holmes' spot if you need to so you can secure a playoff spot. Help?
  16. Solid offer but definitely stick with KAT. If anything happens to one of any of those guys (knock on wood) the other side loses the trade significantly. Not worth the risk imo. Would greatly appreciate some input
  17. I think PG's load management will be worse. Coming off a pretty nasty injury and will be brought back slowly. High probability he sits a game during B2Bs for a while too. Kawhi had a healthy amount of time off last season. Doubt sitting 20 games becomes his norm. Beal seems like he's gonna have do a lot more heavy lifting than Booker this year. Doesn't seem like an ideal situation for his health. Booker on the other hand shouldn't have shutdown risk like prior seasons because the Suns look like a competitive team this season (I've watched some of their games. They look good) I'd honest
  18. Your team is solid enough to hold the fort while Collins is out. Once he's back your team will be pretty f'in stacked. I'd drop Herro~
  19. If you're confident you can make fantasy playoffs with Ayton out for a while I would do the trade. I also own Jokic and severely regret choosing him over Lillard. He looks sluggish with that 40 pound weight gain. Plus, with Curry out for the majority of the season Lillard's fantasy value is at it's peak. Lillard+Ayton combo seems deadly come playoff time.
  20. I'd prefer FVV. Lowry's production is bound to go down at some point and that can only benefit FVV. I also own J Rich this year and haven't been too happy with his efficiency.
  21. Marcus Smart was dropped recently in my 12 team H2H 9 cat league. I'm 4th in waiver priority.. Is he worth the waiver? 12 team H2H 9 cat Current Team: Nikola Jokic Jrue Holiday Pascal Siakam Lamarcus Aldridge Jayson Tatum Josh Richardson Shai Gilgeous Alexander Serge Ibaka Delon Wright Will Barton Harrison Barnes Devonte Graham Kevin Huerter (looking to possible replace) IL: Victor Oladipo
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