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  1. With murray out, he may get a boost in playmaking duties
  2. It could also be mental. His tolerance for pain is rock bottom.
  3. This kid got talent. Ended up not picking him up due to low FG, High TO, Low 3PM. Other cats, he should be a pickup.
  4. Thompson and Theis' age don't match up with Tatum. Celtics need to take a strong look at their promising young Big for years to come.
  5. Rose trade rumors heating up. Time for Delon to take the bull by its horns!
  6. Protocols are done. He's being held back for conditioning reasons(coach decision).
  7. If he's going to average 7 three point attempts per game, he has to be picked up right?
  8. He was putting up jumpshots in pre-game.
  9. Killian isn't ready for the big show. Give him some tough love.
  10. They both play C 100% of the time.. It says Whiteside plays 100% of his minutes at C.
  11. Boogie looks poised to get 20-25 min backup minutes at PF/C when Wood comes back.
  12. Back on the PJ rollercoaster ride. I hate you.
  13. Still a hold. His 3% will go up eventually.
  14. Gives you a bit of everything. Keep him rolling even when Reddish is back.
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