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  1. In an 8 team standard H2H I ended up getting Curry and Beal
  2. I would add Sexton at least the last month/month and a half has been solid.
  3. I’ll do my best to avoid the load management super stars as I bet as I can. Which means going for harden, KAT, Lillard, or Beal.
  4. Best thing I did all year is scoop up the injured players I knew were coming back before playoffs or during playoffs. I might have sacrificed a matchup or two, but that got me the likes of Payton/Markkanen/JV/Bagley. All of whom are now destroying for me in the championship.
  5. First year fantasy for me passed up on Westbrook for Dame. No regrets, would do again.
  6. My POs are right now. He’s killing it for me.
  7. Andddd another oneee. Payton in my league has the most points over the last two weeks. Mans about to bring me the ship.
  8. And another one may the basketball gods continue to bless us.
  9. Traded Booker and Vuc to get him and Kyrie. At least this week I’m winning that trade.
  10. Totally struggling between picking him up or waiting.
  11. Facts of life: the sky is blue, cheese is good, Markkanen will get you 20-10
  12. JV owner in my league became impatient, dropped him. White/Isaac/Portis etc have all been pick ups for me.
  13. 2nd game back after dislocating his ankle wouldn’t freak out over one game
  14. Doesn’t matter when Kawhi spends half his games with load management problems
  15. Read an article where he said he wasn’t in full motion with his shot until recently
  16. He’s still in my FA the debate between him and bog bog has begun
  17. TJ is what I’m working with I did have LeVert and JV before this week with them coming back
  18. This man needs love 20-10 average over the last 5 games...he’s a beast
  19. They’ll get him back on a minutes restriction these next few games and then let loose after the ASB I’m sure
  20. Every time I turn away right now a trade happens. Be back for another in 10.
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