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  1. I’m staying away from the packers next year
  2. In his defense he really didn’t have to do much against Oakland after that pick 6. The game before they had two easy rushing tds in goal line.
  3. Live and die by Mahomes. You really don’t wanna start Tannehill and he flops and Mahomes has 40 on the bench.
  4. Man Mahomes cost me a bye week now he has NE next week smh
  5. Man Mahomes needs to hit Kelce or hill 2 times for a td for me to win
  6. He had it going last game and still saw limited touches he’s just a backup
  7. Murray is a drop I don’t understand why the saints keep forcing it with Kamara lol.
  8. Good for the saints give Murray the ball stop being cute.
  9. Wait why did Moore get charged for the fumble???
  10. He will probably come back Friday to play the rockets. Seems like everybody comes back to play the rockets
  11. Last call for Draymond for me. I’m in a 8 teamer and he’s looking like waiver fodder.
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