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  1. Any information on when these will be available this year? I don’t know if I’m comfortable joining an already established private league but I’m open to the idea. I’m looking for a 9 cat h2h league, redraft auction format 10-14 teams. Somewhere like $50-150
  2. Someone offered me Capela for my josh Richardson. im basically lock for playoffs but I’m sitting on a couple injured guys already. is it worth the risk?
  3. If you’re locked into playoffs he’s a fine hold through ASB. washington has a very nice playoff schedule. I like that upside over any short term pickup gain
  4. Tonight’s line was all I needed to see. dropped
  5. My league (and many like it) start playoffs week 21. Which amounts to a 4-3-3. Chicago playoff is much more attractive if you have to play and win week 21
  6. What is his trade value currently? im looking to target In trade. I offered Larry Nance before deadline but they didn’t bite
  7. Bummer he doesn’t play until Sunday. I’m holding nonetheless in 14 team league
  8. Add Larry Nance Jr to the losers with Drummond in town
  9. Considering his disappointing play this year, injury history, and the incoming of GRIII + Burks... Is he worth a pick up in my 14 team league 9-cat H2H? I can swap him out for Thybulle but I’m already sitting on WCJ, Holmes + Bryant with just one IL. im sittting comfortably in 4th place. additionally, we start playoff week 21 and philly only plays twice.
  10. this is where I depart from the rotoworld logic. Historically, surgery typically takes longer (unless it cannot heal otherwise) and invites other potential complications and setbacks. i disagree that surgery could ever shorten the healing time for this type of injury.
  11. He’s definitely a 10 team drop. I’m debating whether to cut him in my 14 team..
  12. Should I offer THJ for this guy?? think he would bite? im in a 12 team 9cat H2H sitting in 2nd place
  13. I’m comfortably in second place 12 team h2h 9cat no IR spot should I drop this Kyle Anderson guy for someone like Justin Holiday or Mario Hezonja?.. Or consider holiding?
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