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  1. That full time game plus a 5 game week overall though is definitely worth an add. And Plumlee might be phased out further
  2. I think he will stay as starting PF however much of his value is tied to basically 3s, BLKs, and right now FG%. I dont think he maintains his FG% and 3s to this level as it seems a little unsustainable and especially compared to his earlier season numbers. I think without that, he probably grades out as a low end 12T value still or a very capable stream option.
  3. How do we think of Bjelica as a streamer this week? No LMA on buyout market and he is more or less taking the "Olynyk" role for them which was always fairly fantasy friendly when he got minutes.
  4. He's been trending up lately and it seems like they are transitioning the PF spot to be his. Very fantasy friendly game he just needs the minutes. Do we think this can stick?
  5. Vooch on his own prob boosts it. Just another guy to get the ball too plus they would need Sato's D and versatility in the starting lineup to mesh with the explosive offensive guys.
  6. How do we feel about Theis. Seems like there's some inconsistency there now but at same time he is still the starting C and TT is out now and may be traded in future. Figure there is enough at C for Boston for him and Timelord to produce
  7. Anyone thinking of him as a streamer tonight to see how this lineup change goes? He was a very underrated fantasy player last year as a starter.
  8. Clearly this is good for Poetl but do we think Lyles is an alright short term streamer given this Aldridge news as well?
  9. How does Vanderbilt compare as a ROS streamer compared to someone like Pat Williams?
  10. Was thinking same thing. With a light game schedule tonight his name drew me in because he could have one of those bigger contribution games you look for in a streamer.
  11. How do we think of MCW now that hes had some games under his belt. Seems like hes definitely a multi cat contributor.
  12. He's baaaaack! Cant wait for this guy to get back into the rhyhtm he was showing before all of this. Especially with all these Hill being traded before deadline rumours. https://twitter.com/FantasyLabsNBA/status/1361795860133249039?s=20
  13. Plumlee listed OUT tonight again. Fire up your Stewarts!
  14. Do we think he can start cutting into minutes when Plumlee is healthy? I want to pick him up as a stream but hope he has some long term potential too.
  15. Woooah. Well that is certainly good news. It always made sense given it was a quad contusion that it could heal faster than originally thought. Very good news
  16. Is he the only one on his team in protocol? I am trying to judge the timeline on all of this.
  17. How do we feel about Noel as a short term streamer now that he is back from his injury?
  18. He is back tonight apparently. Is he still on peoples radar for 12T due to stocks? I know about his minute limitations but still.
  19. Do we think this guys fantasy relevance in 12T is over? JV is back and will probably ramp up mins slightly from last night. I thought maybe until JJJ is back there'd be some opportunity.
  20. Definitely. He is a very fantasy friendly player and the only concern was COVID and whether he was going to be squeezed out of rotation with their other big men. Really encouraging to see him get those 32 minutes. I may add him tonight and see what happens.
  21. Love the stock potential this guy has with his wingspan. That was something I didn't know was gonna be in his bag fantasy impact wise but really makes him more intriguing this year even with the poor FG on some nights.
  22. What kind of fantasy impact do we expect from Maledon if he gets starters minutes for forseeable future? PTS,3s,STLs guy?
  23. Is this the moment guys? Can anyone tell me a bit about him before I jump in. I don't really need a PG at this time but I want value over anything and this seems like a pretty big opportunity for him. By the time Hill even is slated to return it will be the trade deadline or even a buy out market time so this could be a ROS starting job for Maledon.
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