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  1. Are people forgetting that Chubb missed 4 games? He still finished with 1,000 yards and 12 TDs. I think Hunt might have capped Chubb in the receiving game a little, but he was still a beast.
  2. I'm assuming you mean Kamara would be above CMC if Brees plays another year.
  3. Yes, I've brought this up multiple times in this thread, but everyone tells me how "different" he is from the other great RBs.
  4. I think they were force feeding him the ball to get closer to his 2,000 yards. There was no reason to keep running the ball that late in the game while being down by so many points.
  5. This has happened a few times this season, fumbles on the last drives/play. Some were at the goal line. It's scary what his numbers would look like without those fumbles.
  6. Very few players are NOT busts this year. It's just a matter of which ones you own.
  7. The owner in my league with Kamara and Evans got eliminated in the 1st round.
  8. This might go down as the greatest fantasy performance when context is taken into account. While Rice and Portis might have had bigger games, did they come during a championship weekend? This is a legendary performance when you think about owners in a championship game. This score can easily be broken up between 3 players and most owners would be happy. Legendary!
  9. Almost the same situation. I was down by 25 and have Chubb and Diontae Johnson going against Landry. Now I'm down by 30. I need a career game from Diontae to have a chance.
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