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  1. who is the better play TE: Kyle Rudolph(@Lions) Darren Waller(@Titans) WR: Robby Anderson(@Miami), John Brown (@Ravens), Golden Tate(@Phi) FLEX: Benny Snell Jr (@Arizona) Bilal Powell(@Miami) will help in return!
  2. I’m a glass half full type of guy so all of these fouls just mean that he’s playing defense. Next game he will have 4 steals
  3. I was worried when I first picked him up that the defensive stats wouldn’t stick but his nice %’s combined with stocks makes him a strong hold. If this is his floor then i’m a happy owner
  4. ahh, my first and second round pick. I should make this my team avatar
  5. Hopefully all the noobs have dropped him already so this thread can be about actual discussion
  6. Apparently he suffered a “right eye contusion” and after Google searching it appears that it takes 2-3 weeks to heal. Even if he would have been out for over a month, i’m stashing this stud.
  7. I agree but this situation kind of reminds me of last year when I listened to this forum about Siakam. I had him rostered and all I heard from this forum was “OG Anunoby will come back, Kawhi wasn’t playing”. I ended up dropping him which turned out to be a huge mistake
  8. This dude is making me nervous every time he posts a monster stat line like today. I dropped him for Boucher because I saw a better pathway to minutes, but i’m questioning my decision based on all of the talk about Fizdale losing his job. His ceiling as a 1/2/2 player is mouthwatering, and Elfrid Payton is always injured going back to last year. If DSJ loses playing time like he should, I could see big minutes for Ntilikina.
  9. What happened to Freeman? Why is Brian Hill taking his money
  10. 13 points, 2 assists, 16 rebounds, 2 blocks on great efficiency 5/9 FG, 3/3 FT and 0 TO seems like he’s flying under the radar
  11. I usually lurk on this forum and never post but i’ve never read a worse take in my entire life and nothing would give me greater satisfaction than dismantling your entire post piece by piece. This is not even close to being like “the McGruder situation” because Nunn is actually a talented basketball player and has upside. You seem obsessed with the fact that undrafted ≠ not good, but in fact there have been plenty of great undrafted basketball players with successful careers (Ben Wallace, Wesley Mathews, NBA Champion Jeremy Lin). He has 1.7 steals a game but continue..
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