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  1. Garrett Hampson has been pretty good, he just needs to get that average up a bit more.
  2. I hope they put him out for the third lol
  3. This dude grounds out bases loaded with Nate Lowe up next. Makes me sad, now I have to watch Lowe strike out with the bases empty to start the inning.
  4. Story is a pretty hot and cold player. Also, 2/4 of the series so far has been against the Dodgers and their A+ pitching staff. Along with a road stint in San Fran which certainly isn’t a hitters park. He’ll be fine, pretty much a 30/15 lock with a chance for more.
  5. As soon as we all plug him in, he’ll get shelled. Looks good though, if you’re chasing K’s and QS’s I’d take a shot.
  6. Nice play by Vaughn. Time to sit for Nick Williams.
  7. The Cedric Mullins regression has begun
  8. If he gets that Avg back over .200 we can talk lol
  9. Mancini getting his timing back, the buy low window is about to slam shut. Dude hit .291 with 35 jacks before his cancer battle. I believe.
  10. Yeah probs worth it. Although Pressly is going to have a great year but I think you’ll have enough saves regardless.
  11. Splitting saves on the Dodgers is still better then having a lions share on a garbage team lol.
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