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  1. Or stay in Denver and build the next great big 3
  2. He’s missed 2-3 weeks due to covid. He’s gonna get eased in. Hes a** cheeks lol
  3. Mark lost a game due to PPD, so I believe he only plays 2 next week. Easy call.
  4. Uhhhh point Gordon? Lol assist numbers off the charts
  5. Didn’t know he has the best completion % in nfl history. What a stud.
  6. I am confused as well lol, I feel like this is a common occurrence. I’m all for taking him top 25. No Corey Davis and fully healthy, good lord.
  7. LMAO did y’all see his Instagram live? He just had surgery on both knees. Said they told him he was done for the year week 2. Wowwwwwww.
  8. Yeah I thought football was bad. This has been brutal.
  9. I’ll take him next year with Taysom as a low end WR1. If he falls out of the first round I think he provides value. Who are the consensus picks over him, Adams, hill, hopkins, Metcalf, diggs. Anyone I’m forgetting?
  10. Come again? Oh no doubt, ima snatch him up 2nd round all day long. Taysom looked his way pretty frequently.
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