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  1. Need to sit one of Miles Sanders, Mark Ingram, Brian Hill. Half ppr. Thanks for any advice!
  2. I am hoping for some longballs to sanders
  3. Touch match-up to predict. It will be interesting to see how patriots respond after multiple games of being burnt by a strong running game. You would think Belichick would be aware of this... And adjust accordingly. On the other hand: Also I don't think we can view Sanders as just a pass catching back for this game. He's going to be more of a 3 down back potentially. And if he is used in the passing game, patriots have some injuries to their D, in particular Chung
  4. Agreed. I own both Conners and samuels. And took the L starting Conners this week. If Jaylen is able to be a ppr monster that would be great. But he has obstacles to Overcome
  5. This is where we can agree to disagree lol. After watching every steelers game this year, I have concluded Rudolph has been mediocre in pretty much every game. And it holds back the entire offense, Jaylen included. There's a tipping point in which opportunity no longer yields value, in which the rest of the team is injured or is mediocre. Diontae is not even playing, he was concussed and bleeding out his ear
  6. Yes but Mason Rudolph is truly terrible compared to Brady. There were plays where Rudolph can't even check down accurately lol. But I have hope Jaylen can produce. We are all agreeing his schedule and opportunity is good. It's about whether he can overcome Rudolph. Another example is Tarik Cohen. With Trubisky leading the way he's been a hard start. Also the body of evidence suggests it doesn't really matter as much that Jaylen doesn't "have anyone to compete" because he's not used as a 3 down back anyways.
  7. The theoretical volume based opportunity is there. Puts him in RB2 or flex range. Also the schedule looks decent. The downsides are: Mason Rudolph is pretty bad. Team might be better with Hodges even under center. The O line when healthy is good but when Ramon Foster was out, they looked disorganized. Now Pouncey is out as well. Also now Juju and Diontae are out, leaving them with few reliable passing options outside of Washington and Vance. And finally the coaching staff has shown they don't truly trust him as a 3 down back, mixing in Edmunds and other back up RBs for runs. I
  8. If this is non ppr, but you also need to go big to win, I think you go with tyrell, dede, and Watkins. But I am worried indianopolis will come into this game angry. And brissett will be back. And foles might be rusty. Dede coming off a shoulder injury. So go with tyrell, Watkins, freeman
  9. Thanks all. I think I have take lock with guice because I had him stashed on IR for awhile. I was actually debating between him or Samuels. I think Samuels has more value with Conner NOT injured, and isn't a good handcuff. He hasn't really shown he can handle a full workload consistently. But if conner is healthy, he is decent ppr value as a flex play, I'm never gonna play him over other options , and thus he's taking up space in my roster...
  10. If you get the player now and hold them on your team for at least a day, and drop them Saturday, they would go onto waivers. If your league has a 2 day wiaver period, then they would Not be available in time for Sunday game. In most yahoo leagues, if you pick up and drop a player right away, they automatically just become a free agent. This prevents fantasy gms from cycling through a bunch of free agents and turning them all into waivers lol.
  11. Trying to decide who to drop. 14 team 0.5 ppr. I'm currently 7-3 but in first place based on tiebreakers, so probably will make the playoffs. The second best team owns Ezekiel Elliott. On my roster I have James Conner on my IR and need to reactivate him for Thursdays game, and thus need to drop a player. My other main RB's are Mark Ingram, Chris Carson. The other RB's on my roster that I'm considering dropping are: Jaylen Samuels, Derrius Guice, Tony Pollard, Alexander Mattison, Miles Sanders. Please rank them! Assuming we can't predict who will ever get injured, I'm lean
  12. I need to overcome 8 points. I have 49ers dst, Lockett, Carson. Tempted to not start the dst at all and hope Lockett and Carson can get me 8 points, but I think the safest thing probability wise is to start them.
  13. My guess is Jaylen will be like Chris Thompson, Tarik Cohen, James White style of player. But holding both on the same team means Conner and Jaylen is taking up two roster spots when Jaylen is really a ppr flex at best with Conner in. And when Conner is out he's a risky start at best. So based on this, and what other have said, I might hold on one more week just to see how they are used when both healthy in the line up. To start the season jaylen barely saw any touches. Then they did that gimmicky scatback thing. Then jaylen was injured. Then conner was injured. Then Rams had the b
  14. I'm wondering if he's even worth holding as a handcuff? With Conner in he might have even more standalone value as a passcatching RB. Because when Conner is out he isn't strong enough to be a bell cow and gets into an ugly committee. And having Mason Rudolph as the qb doesn't necessarily help his cause.
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