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  1. Always fear Foles off waivers. Dead last place team a bunch of years ago is playing against me as I try to fight my way out of a bad season. He grabbed Foles five min before gametime when the owner came back from taking a couple weeks off and realized his QB was on a bye. My struggling team has its best game of the season. Foles throws 7 tds.
  2. I think the Browns will do okay--I have been sitting on them for 4 weeks just for their Week 16 matchup. I just saw that someone had dropped TEN and decided I liked this matchup even more. I was almost very wrong. But think about it: Boyd and Green out, Driskel driskeling, and all the Browns have to do is try to stop Mixon and then let their DBs play. I'm expecting good things from them. All the same, I am very happy to have been gifted 10 points in the last minute and a half of that game. I need every bit this week, my opp is a killer. Good luck to you, maybe the Brow
  3. Don't you badmouth my guys (who I picked up just for this week and started instead of the Browns and was really angry about until the literally very last play of the game when they justified my genius)! (Seriously though, if you were playing against them, that had to have sucked. Condolences.)
  4. I've been enjoying it all along I guess my point about 'random' is that, particularly in the FF realm, that word means something very specific. It may be that some irrational things are random things, but they aren't the same concept. And 'irrational' does often get a bad name, but it shouldn't. If I'm driving down the road and a dog runs out right in front of me, my swerving to avoid it isn't rational. There wasn't a logical thought process that occurred, it was a reflex. But it wasn't random. To say it wasn't rational isn't to say that it 'didn't make sense'. And we can justify i
  5. Right. You're agreeing with me. Rationality is very useful for locating the best course of action given a certain set of preferences. But rationality does not give us those preferences. If I value my personal comfort and privacy over the economic value of the train, then there is no rational argument that will make me see that my preferences are 'incorrect'. If I value economic value, and I'm not seeing how the train is better, then a rational argument can help me see that I am not satisfying my preferences as well as I could be. But you simply declaring that Week 16 ships are obje
  6. You have reasons, but in the end they are going to be based not on logic but on personal preference. My keeper league has been running since 2001, and we have our reasons for liking it as well. But in the end they aren't 'logical'. They are preference. I also prefer Week 16 championships, but there are people out there who like Week 17, and I'm guessing it's because they like the extra challenge of dealing with Week 17 uncertainties. If they recognize those challenges, and they like those challenges, there's no 'logic' you can give them that will make them say "Oh, yeah, I guess I don't really
  7. There's no need for counter-arguments. I just think you'll find that people will pretty much always disagree when you tell them that your way of playing a game is better. But good luck to you too No ill will.
  8. No, it's better to try to tell everyone else that their way of enjoying the game isn't a good way to enjoy the game. I can't be completely happy playing in my FF leagues unless I know that everyone else in the world is playing it and enjoying it in the same way. My own enjoyment depends on that!
  9. There is no skill involved in any league that isn't run the way my leagues are run.
  10. And now, having ridden Cam to a bye, he's making me have to seriously consider Mayfield next week. I hate having to make decisions! Why can't my team just score a whole bunch more points than everyone else?! Dammit.
  11. Good lord. The way my team is playing, I totally understand why Yahoo only gave me a 99% chance of winning my bye week.
  12. So I'm not watching the Cleveland game, but watching a livetrack of it. How in the world do you get an 'Illegal Man Downfield' flag thrown...on a running play?
  13. Always fear players going up against non-Playoff-bound Green Bay.
  14. It's apparently going to be a rough week for everyone. I'm on a bye, and Yahoo says I have a 99% chance of winning.
  15. Oof, yeah. No offense, that pretty much looks like the Drop List from an average league this year Until they run out of guys willing to risk permanent brain damage, there's always next year.
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