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  1. At this point, grabbing Alex Len would be an upgrade over Oubre lol
  2. My only droppable guy is Bertans.. sigh.. goodbye you beautiful Latvian bitch All aboard the White hype train!
  3. Timelord returns tomorrow. My team's been aching for those 16 spicy minutes
  4. Someone on twitter said Quickley is like on 2K when you average 70 ppg with your myplayer and still keep the 11th man role haha
  5. *crickets* All good, ill ask on twitter or something lol
  6. I'm in a 10tm espn points league and 3 of these guys are on the wire, but I only have 2 pickups left for this week. How do you guys rank them in terms of rest-of-season value?? Thanks in advance! Will help in return!
  7. I'm hoping Fournier, Bertans and Oubre can be considered buy low, cause I just scooped em all from the wire lol
  8. 22pts at the half. Kid can ball. Making me look smart by grabbing him before the game lol
  9. This man is going off and im here for it!!!
  10. He already got dropped in my league. Do you guys think resting will be a recurring thing for this man or is he worth grabbing over a guy like Bazley?
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