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  1. Hey all, Setting up a high-stakes league for the start of the season. Hoping for some extremely active league managers. $300 Payments will be due early prior to Pre-Season in order to ensure we have a full league well ahead of season start. I will setup a leaguesafe shortly. League info below: Teams: 12 Team - 6 Player Playoffs (1st and 2nd Place Bye Week) Type: Redraft Platform: Yahoo Payout: 1st - $1700, 2nd $1000, 3rd: $300, Regular Season Champion: $600 Fantasy Season: Week 1 to 16 -
  2. LOL. Dawg, you need to step away from fantasy for a year.
  3. It's funny because all of this avoiding to play in preparation for playoffs is going to bite them in the a** when he actually gets injured on his first game back. And for those that think he's actually injured: Lol
  4. Dude...that OReb and pass to Kemba. Lmfao. What a stud.
  5. Let's just hope that the Celtics play Williams 25+ today, he balls out and Celtics win.
  6. Everyone's banking on it, but we don't know when it's going to happen. I guess we can enjoy the usage Dipo left until that time. I just hope Wall gets shutdown before fantasy playoffs (if at all).
  7. I'm happy about this Dipo move, but anyone else feel like we need John Wall gone more than Dipo. I think KPJ's value is in his assists and primary ball handler. He ain't cooking 3s like Steph Curry. We'll see what happens.
  8. Just me or does he look kind of lost when he's not THE Alpha?
  9. Think it's really hard to gauge right now. On one hand, it feels like they are trying to keep the minutes spread out and down for now in preparation for the second half stretch + possibly playoffs. Meaning his minutes should return to the 25-28 range. On the other hand, it feels like they are ramping his minutes down in preparation to squeeze JJJ into the lineup when he's ready. Meaning his minutes will stay in the low 20-25 range. If you have the space, I'd still hold in 12+ team. The peripherals are too valuable in 9 CAT to let go on a few bad games.
  10. lol was just thinking this watching him. Maybe not in those words, but definitely using his height for argument.
  11. I mean this in the nicest way possible for all those still in this thread: May God have mercy on your souls.
  12. I'm gonna give you an A+ for content and an A for outlook since I agree/own Porzingis.
  13. I don't want to complain, but honestly it's time. This offense is ridiculously bad. I figured they'd learn from their last two games that they aren't going to get anywhere spreading the wealth. KAT looks like an afterthought in the 4th for the third time. Saunders thinks he's Pop lol
  14. I swear. Having Sabonis on my team...I just feel like I should be #1. Why, why am I ranked 4th?
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