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  1. It’s kind of a wait and see what happens scenario. Hamstring injuries are notoriously fussy. Just be ready to drop if necessary I guess.
  2. True, but they ran two of those guys next to each other. And it was arguably one of the stupidest lineups in the league.
  3. He’s on pace for fewer minutes than the past two games. Scott Brooks strikes again.
  4. Scott Brooks still running a three center rotation ffs 😂
  5. Yeah love the defense but offense and rebounding still inconsistent. Three blocks saves him from the executioner for me.
  6. In a deep league, if your playoffs haven’t started, I think you wait one more game and see if he gets the INJ tag.
  7. Probably the most common lament in fantasy bball. “If only he got the playing time” can lead a lot of managers to carry non-contributors while better opportunities pass them by.
  8. You would hope. I just want to see his minutes ramp up here by the end of the week.
  9. This is like The Republic of fantasy basketball posts
  10. It’s tricky but doable. You just look for efficient guys in every round. You don’t end up mediocre if you pick guys like Steph, Jokic, Jimmy, Kawhi, Vuc, Jrue, Demar etc etc. Once you have a core of 4-5 guys that don’t hurt your %s you can round it out with guys like OG, Mikal Bridges, RoCo etc. I won three chips without punting. Punting is a little more fun though bc you can just not worry about specific cats.
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