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  1. Milton 29 mins Curry 35 mins Thybulle 16 mins When Simmons is healthy you don’t really need more defense. You need shooters.
  2. I am going to wait for Milton to get back before jumping on. I suspect Tisse goes back to like 17mpg when everyone’s healthy. (Recent outputs include 2 games of Simmons being out.)
  3. You know it’s weird, it definitely feels like blocks are more scarce. I was thinking maybe it’s because players shoot so many more threes. But I checked bbref and average blocks are roughly the same.
  4. Not sure how it is any solace to a team that was hard hit by injuries early in the season to get a benefit now which everyone will receive. The other teams still gain a relative advantage. As for the opinion of the majority, obviously only a few teams are hard hit by injuries at any given point in the season. If people are voting in their self-interest, the majority are going to vote for an additional spot. Something which does not benefit everyone equally is unfair, plain and simple. Adding an IL+ at the beginning of the season is an excellent idea and 100% fair; adding it halfway
  5. I’m not arguing against the utility of the spot. Obviously it’s super useful. The issue is this. A team that was super injured at the beginning of the season had to make hard decisions about dropping players or keeping injured players on the roster and taking losses. By adding an extra IL spot, you relieve currently injured teams of having to make those same decisions. It affects roster quality because you don’t have to drop someone when another team might have been forced to earlier in the season. It affects playoff seeding because currently injured teams get a leg up. Yes a ma
  6. This is why it’s sometime helpful to look at college stats of an unproven players. Only 6 blocks in 37 games playing 30mpg at Kentucky was a bit of a red flag for me. So although I really like the dude I traded him away earlier in the season.
  7. I don’t really think it’s fair to add an extra IL spot halfway through the season. Teams with injuries earlier in the season got hammered, teams with injuries now will benefit.
  8. They were down 11-5 when Brooks pulled Mo. You don't develop young players by yanking them after 3 minutes and sitting them the rest of the game.
  9. No he didn't, he only has one foul in three minutes at the half. He got cooked by the Joker a couple times and Brooks pinned his a** to the bench the rest of the half. I don't care that they're winning, Brooks is legit the worst coach in the NBA. Maybe if they had picked up Mo's option they might try to develop him but they clearly have nothing invested in the guy.
  10. No Barton, no Harris, no Millsap... MPJ puts up 0 points on 0-8 shooting. Each time I think he's hit rock bottom he finds a new one.
  11. It’s crazy, you lose not just the games of the guys on those teams but whenever one of your other guys plays those teams. I think I just lost nine games for the week. Really hope one of the four Spurs positives isn’t one of my guys... 2-3 weeks out is gonna kill me.
  12. AD is gonna be out a month now. We don’t know if OG reaggravated anything, it just might not be comfortable after practice. If it had been an AD situation, I doubt OG would be listed as doubtful and not out.
  13. 😂 Poor guy just got his shot blocked three times in a row. This was not the start of the post-Drummond era I had hoped for.
  14. I’m guessing he didn’t respond well to practice. Not a great sign tbh but hopefully he feels better soon. Better to be cautious than to risk a full blown reaggravation like we saw with AD.
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