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  1. nah they wont cancel, they need to crown a victor. They'll resume once all the players got the clear
  2. probably no games for 2-3 weeks at the minimum and then the rest of the season will be played without fans. Ronnie2k will be asked to simulate the crowd using ps4 graphics
  3. I’m going to miss playoffs because of this tard
  4. Pleaseeeeeee pick it up, you’re killing me at the worst possible time
  5. I traded for him in late December and he’s been absolute trash....missed something like 13 games and shot <40% like 11 times in games he did play. Couple that with low stocks and bad TO and you have a recipe for absolute failure. He’s been outside the top 100 for seemingly months now
  6. And I dropped him yesterday for eric paschall hhahahahahhahhahahhhaha kill me.
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