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  1. Took a flier and dropped Demarre Carroll. Hopefully he heats up with Devin Booker looking like he will miss 1-2 weeks but im not expecting more than 12ppg with horrible shooting %
  2. lol dont forget that Jabari, ROLO, Wendell Carter Jr and Bobby Portis are still in the cut. Lauri, Zack and Dunn will be the focal point of the offense but i wouldnt expect much from Lauri outside of points and 3's
  3. I'm hoping for 16 & 5 on 39% with 4-5 free throws a game. should be attainable
  4. dropped Batum in every league i owned him (2/3). I took a wait and see approach if anyone would be interested in his services, and he remains on the wire in both leagues. Do yourself a favor and drop this headache if you currently own him. If he heats up, you should be able to pick him back up fwiw I dropped Batum for Demarre Carroll which isnt much of an upgrade at all, but JYD has been getting more burn lately and seems to have better Usage in a game where he plays under 20 mins compared to Batum playing 30+ mins
  5. Ive never been a huge bledsoe fan, and tbh although youre taking a gamble with Boogie, I feel like he has more upside and potentially a better usage rate than Bledsoe. Thats a really tough scenario to figure out & it depends on the depth of your team. If your sitting in second place then why not wait it out and see if he plays like a monster? at that point you can flip him for even more than bledsoe id think...
  6. I'm facing both James Harden and Eric Gordon in one of my leagues this week
  7. hes been pretty bad this year and I drafted him based on past triple double performances from previous years. Don't think we will be getting any of those this year
  8. Break your F***ing knees or Tear an ACL already!! I'm Tired of this D-rose resurgence and really hope his basketball career ends this year. DONT @ ME
  9. That G** damn spin move! it fools the defense every time and hes hitting layups at like an 85% clip after doing it I dont even own Pascal but GO RAPTORS GOOOO!!!
  10. You might be on to something here. I have him in a 9cat league and although my team is not completely suffering with his absences, it annoys the heck outta me considering I have boogie on IL and rostering a f--- boy in Kevin Love. So his missed games are the difference between me going 6-3 in a week or 5-4. #annoyed
  11. not only is Siakam looking like the waiver wire pickup of the year, he should be the frontrunner for MIP (Most Improved) now that Levert is out with Injury. Great pickup for those that were able to act quick and pick him up
  12. I dont own Draymond in any of the leagues im in, but I feel bad for the owners at this point. Kinda been a pain the a** to own with suspensions and random DNP's. I want the old Draymond back
  13. agreed which is why Im trying to offload this hunk of junk as soon as possible! especially with 1IR spot and me already rostering Boogie. The craziest thing is that I drafted him in an auction league for $60 (decent) but refused to pay $58 for Drummond. My My how the tables have turned. Fantasy Gods are having a huge chuckle at my expense lol
  14. SMFH NEVERRRRR drafting this loser again. How has Gallinari survived more games than him? ughh whats a decent trade for an Injured Klove right now? im willing to offload him for anything with semi-decent value. Even if the player doesnt fit my roster well
  15. Little Mountain better wake the **** up!! Drafted Lilliard at 11 and took kyrie at 14...what a mistake thats been so far
  16. Traded Luka Doncic for Klay 1for1 two days ago. Klay errupts for 52 Points and 14 threes first game on my team. Signs up for Rotoworld Forums right away. Its gonna be a good season boys
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