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  1. If you are in playoff, there's no point of lingering with him. 2 games next week. Drop him and move on.
  2. Well sato should not be available in standard league. Add Coby. Chicago needs his firepower to get into play in games
  3. I was hoping to see him retire from Portland. Still shocking to hear.
  4. (Insert Timberwolves kevin love pic here)
  5. Confirmed he is back playing. Thank Jesus Buddha allah.
  6. Well there are play in tournaments. They still got a chance but with their lack of defense, I don’t think they stand any chance playing milwaukee or sixers or Miami. May as well tank and trade for some versatile PF/ C who can defend and play make during the summer.
  7. My playoff runs literally ends with clown Irving and randomly resting Lowry
  8. Not playing tomorrow. Not sure if it’s any of his family members birthday. One thing for sure is he’s gonna f--- me on first day of playoff
  9. Vince carter: half man half amazing zach Lavine: second half man first half amazing
  10. This John Stockton guy won’t make me miss Gordon Hayward that very much holy ****. He fits my punt blk team so well The guy that drops him in my league... I gotta buy him a lunch
  11. Coby got inj tag for no reason in yahoo.
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