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  1. Sometimes maybe good sometimes maybe **** applies here
  2. My league don’t have IL+ Gonna drop him now. At least I still have Anthony Edwards to take up the usage
  3. If sixers is able to keep Simmons embiid and Harris while adding Lowry, that’s a legit contender team with no doubt.
  4. Left the game. Now it gives me perfect reason to drop. Tax season comes and it should keep him busy enough.....
  5. Wiggins FG 3P% and TO all improved. Steve Kerr system is not the same level as T wolves broken management
  6. Edwards is slightly better in giving you stocks than Wiggins
  7. Gave me a heart attack Fultz, Smart, Cole Anthony, Lowry, hayward.... I can’t take it anymore
  8. I feel like his huge performance of this week was wasted as I’m taking a 3-6 loss this week hammered by bunch of covid protocol and injuries. Guhhhhhh
  9. God of peripheral stat not named delon Wright is back
  10. Oops too late. Some a**hole already picked McDaniels up. Insert “I’m a sad panda.jpg”
  11. He’s definitely promising. Should I drop will Barton or Grayson Allen and add him?
  12. 30 mins 6 ast 3 stl in an off night. I will take it. Dirty Allen’s rising
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