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  1. Holy **** he still in my IL 🤡🤡😂
  2. Dislocated shoulder? Did not look too serious right?
  3. Okc 5 games week is way more legit than raptors and Dallas in where they will sit their starting 5 randomly. Yes Dallas is fighting for playoff spot but josh Richardson, porzingis and luka are somewhat banged up
  4. Looks like he will be bringing my fantasy team to final this year. Kai Irving is wildly unpredictable. I wont be surprised if he declares retirement if he gets the chip this year
  5. I’m getting into final now facing Curry and lillard. That means, lillard is gonna score 45 ppg now
  6. You guys gonna drop him now that Lavine is back?
  7. Has to be Goodwin. They need Sweet Lou to come off the bench to provide firepower. Goodwin was having some all-around game when Young was out not too long ago
  8. His athleticism should help him score easily with Jokic's passing ability but he's pretty inconsistent. He does not possess basketball IQ that enables him to use his body to become an elite 2-way player. Only a 16-team player ROS in Denver at most.
  9. I can’t believe I gotta drop him and add d Rose
  10. Melo McCollum seldom pass the damn ball. Nurkic hurts RoCo’s rebs. Stocks are still there. I dropped RoCo to stream during last week of first playoff.
  11. Picked up Tillman. We will see how it goes. JV probably out for a week for this concussion protocol ****
  12. Play some respect to this young man. 20 3s last 4 games. He pulled a JJ redick here. josh Lloyd was right. He is a 12 teamer somehow. I streamed him 3 times for the last 2 weeks. Memphis coach trusts him. edited: last post was from me as well nobody cares about Grayson?
  13. If you are in playoff, there's no point of lingering with him. 2 games next week. Drop him and move on.
  14. Well sato should not be available in standard league. Add Coby. Chicago needs his firepower to get into play in games
  15. I was hoping to see him retire from Portland. Still shocking to hear.
  16. (Insert Timberwolves kevin love pic here)
  17. Confirmed he is back playing. Thank Jesus Buddha allah.
  18. Well there are play in tournaments. They still got a chance but with their lack of defense, I don’t think they stand any chance playing milwaukee or sixers or Miami. May as well tank and trade for some versatile PF/ C who can defend and play make during the summer.
  19. My playoff runs literally ends with clown Irving and randomly resting Lowry
  20. Not playing tomorrow. Not sure if it’s any of his family members birthday. One thing for sure is he’s gonna f--- me on first day of playoff
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