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  1. Can't drop him. Can't trade him. Just leave him on the bench for now. Shanahan is doing Shanahan things, but Aiyuk isn't Dante Pettis. He will see more snaps. He will see more targets. And if whoever their starting running back is keeps blowing up each week like they're the drummer for Spinal Tap, he'll get some designed runs like last season. And I don't like to bank on another player getting injured to boost another player's outlook, but Deebo's injury history is long and undeniable. Any Deebo absence, and Aiyuk skyrockets. Better days ahead, just keep the faith. But honestly, it's all we can do anyway.
  2. Oh dear god...Shanahan has sent him to the Dante Pettis Memorial Cat Doghouse.
  3. "Hey dad, I can't see real good...Is that Bill Leaguewinner over there?" (Kidding...mostly)
  4. Dang, didn't realize Calloway had gotten that spicy. You definitely got the better buy with Laviska at 15.
  5. How much did Shenault and Calloway go for?
  6. I'd love to get Kyler for $9. Also encouraged to see guys everybody's souring on, like Golladay and Gordon, going for next to nothing. I'll gladly scoop them up at that price. Sad to see Pitts' price climbing like that. Was it several people after him, or just one other leaguemate bidding that up?
  7. "Marquez Calla-way back back back back back back back...gone!"
  8. But that may in fact be what they will be doing if they keep Gus on the sideline more often, as he averaged 5.0 YPC last season. Just playing devil's advocate. I like Dobbins, and am rooting for a scenario like yours to come to fruition.
  9. I like Gus and think he's a nice value where he's being selected, but I think what he accomplished last year isn't far from the ceiling we can reasonably expect this year. On the other hand, what Harris accomplished last year is closer to the floor of what to expect this year. All of the things that could potentially hinder him were already present last season (Patriots' proclivity to involve multiple backs, lack of involvement in passing game, Cam vulturing TD's). Maybe it doesn't materize and we just see more of the same, but the room for growth is in the positive direction (leaning more on him, any significant receiving usage, Mac taking over).
  10. Don't underestimate just how historically bad Adam Gase was. I'm not going to fully give up on Darnold unless he struggles elsewhere. Look how Robby Anderson did last year making the switch from Gase to Carolina. For a QB example, everyone had written off Tannehill, but he has been excellent since escaping Gase's clutches.
  11. I'd go with DJ over Gurley. Last week was my first chance to catch a Falcons game this year, and I thought Gurley looked kind of pedestrian. Between Renfrow and Hollywood, I think it depends on how your matchup is looking. If you're a significant underdog, you might want to deploy Brown to shoot for a boom game. If you're favored to win, Renfrow should give you a super solid floor due to Oakland having very few other options to pass to right now. If your matchup is even, I'd probably lean Renfrow.
  12. Still firmly on board. Choo choo. No other dudes worth streeeeaming Driving me insane I'm going off the rails on the Lazy train.
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