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  1. Before last night, he was 25th in PPG in 0.5 ppr leagues...and now he'll likely drop even further after last night's dud. He's only seen 7+ targets in 3 games this year, and has only had one game where he caught more than 5 passes. I really can't imagine how anyone with this guy on their team feels like they have a WR1 lmao. I agree that he hasn't been as bad as some people here are making it seem, but you're just as delusional if you're sitting here and acting like he's a WR1. He's a middle-of-the-pack WR2, possibly even on the lower end after last night. A lot of people in here drafted him to be their top WR...if this guy is the best WR on your team right now then you're screwed.
  2. Seattle's defense is a good one also...Week 12 at Philly, Week 13 vs. NYG, Week 14 vs. NYJ, Week 15 at Washington
  3. That's the thing: I'm not sure he even has first and second down on lock. Once Michel comes back, are you really that confident that doesn't considerably eat into touches? Hell, I wouldn't even be surprised if he didn't get double digit carries next week even with Michel out. I don't know - maybe I'm just jaded when it comes to Patriots RBs. If this were any other team/situation, then I'm probably not hesitating at all to burn the top waiver pick for this guy. He clearly passed the eye test last night and I'm not doubting the talent...just think the crowded backfield combined with the Patriot's history with RBs makes it not as clear as you make it out to be.
  4. I don't think there's any question that he's worth an add...the issue is how high of a priority add would you make him? For someone with the #1 waiver spot, would you use that on Harris? What type of FAAB are we talking about? I'm not sure I'd be willing to use a top waiver spot or 30% of FAAB for him considering this backfield is so muddied + we know how NE can be with their RBs.
  5. Undecided on whether to start him or Gesicki against CIN...feel like I have to stick with the hot hand and roll with Higbee, but with Everett coming back I'm just not sure. I'll probably flip-flop 3 or 4 times between now and tomorrow night...
  6. Feel like this should be an easy decision, but for some reason I'm hesitant after Brees getting injured...I'm the one with Chubb and Waller. It's a half-PPR league.
  7. How do y'all feel about Denver @CIN and @SF in weeks 13/14? Already have the Jags so I'll probably roll with them next week against Buffalo and weeks 15/16 against Washington and Miami...would like to have someone for 13 and 14 though.
  8. Denver or Buffalo for ROS/playoffs? Besides playing NE in week 16, Buffalo's schedule looks pretty nice...just not sure how I'd feel putting my championship hopes in the hands of the Bills when they have nothing to play for
  9. Jets dropping a fat -7 after letting Buffalo drop 41 on them. If they even give me 5 this week then I'm cruising to victory...now it's probably going to be close.
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