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  1. Now that it’s official QB - Jalen Hurts RB - Alvin Kamara RB - J.K. Dobbins WR - Davante Adams WR - AJ Brown WR - Robert Woods TE - Mark Andrews Flex - Diontae Johnson K - Younghoe Koo D/ST - Bills Mafia and this was a 12 team redraft league by the way. Somehow Kamara fell to 8 and Davante fell to 17. I doubt that will ever happen again. Hoping to have a second championship by the end of the night 🤞
  2. Made 4 finals this year. Three of them were pretty much decided days ago by Alvin Kamara (one in my favor, two against) For the final one I’m up by 24.5 facing Diggs in standard for the chip in a league where 1st place takes home most of the prize money. Definitely gonna be making several DFS lineups with Diggs to hedge my bet in case he blows up for 24.6+
  3. How do you guys think the loss of their WRs will affect the D/ST in fantasy today? I know they were a popular stream this week, and many of us picked them up weeks ago with this exact matchup in mind. Leaning more heavily on Chubb/Hunt could create longer, more conservatively run drives, which could in theory limit turnovers and help prevent the Browns from getting caught in terrible field position, as well as keep the defense sufficiently rested. On the other hand, the loss of their WRs is still a significant blow to their offense, and the main benefit to streaming against the Jets
  4. Gonna miss this thread, one of the greatest fantasy acquisitions in recent memory
  5. Someone needs to let Derrick Henry know I need him working overtime this weekend to make up for some of these Kamara points
  6. Facing Kamara this week is basically just slowly convincing yourself that the second place money prize isn’t that bad... glad I have him in one league at least but ******** A
  7. Damn starting Kamara in one league finals but playing against him in two others.. I guess I should be grateful to have him in the one but f--- dude slow it down man
  8. Breida actually only missed about 4 games this year, Howard was the guy who was constantly out all year. I don’t think Breida’s played more than 32% of the snaps in any one game, so there may have been a concentrated effort to limit his usage after seeing how he constantly fell apart the past two years in SF. I agree with you that he did look good last game, but I think what gives Ahmed the edge in fantasy is he’s had the primary workload in most games he’s been active. Ahmed’s actually only played in 4 games this year, but in those 4 games he’s played 46%, 76%, 66% and 60% of the sn
  9. Already punched my ticket to the finals in 3/5 leagues, but two are still up in the air In one I’ve got a 42.75 point lead, facing off against Tee Higgins, JuJu and Ebron. Standard scoring so feel relatively comfortable with the lead. In the other I’m down by 35.75 with just my Tyler Boyd left to play. Pretty much written that one off as an L.
  10. if it’s JRob against the Bears, no question. The guy hasn’t exited my starting lineup since Week 1 and not about to start now. I just don’t know if I’d be okay starting a backup Jaguars RB like Ogunbowale in the finals in the event that JRob is inactive. This is do or die time for the Bears playoff chances, so unfortunately their defense might actually show up to this game. Hopefully JRob will be good to go, and none of this will matter, but with one week left I think you have to consider all possible contingencies.
  11. I think he’s lived up to his draft price. After yesterday he’s back to TE5 in standard and TE6 in PPR, even after missing two games. With how much of a wasteland TE has been this year he’s proven to be a valuable asset down the stretch. Let’s finish the season strong against the Gmen
  12. Major props to the Lions for keeping this game competitive throughout and forcing the Titans to keep the pressure on. Tannehill’s been money all season. I think he’s had one bad game the entire year against the Colts. Incredible value from a guy who you either drafted late or scooped off the waivers.
  13. probably not worth starting against Chicago defense but I’ll probably still throw a claim at Ogunbowale, it’s the final week so in redraft leagues most owners can just drop most of their bench anyway. Might as well pick him up. Hope it’s nothing serious for JRob, one of my favorite players to own in a very long time.
  14. Rolling him out in the flex over Chark, gotta think he could produce decent enough RB2 numbers with the right value. [...]
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