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  1. Following up. Are you interested? Trying to lock these last 3 spots up before end of next week
  2. Yes, what is a good email address for you and I can send you the rosters and constitution.
  3. Was in one of these last year, took 4th. Let that money ride! -You Say Yes, I Sano
  4. I sent the email to you with the info. Any interest in the league?
  5. Nationals are now spoken for. Royals and Angels still on the market
  6. Of the 3 available, which roster would you be interested in?
  7. Of the 3 available, which roster would you be interested in? 30 Team Dynasty.xlsx
  8. Need 3 Replacement Owners for 30 Team Dynasty League. This is on Fantrax, with communication being handled on Slack. Proboards to track Salaries, Roster Moves, FA bidding. 2ND YEAR. We are in the off season right now, but will have our First Year Player Draft coming up in FEB. Very active league with trading and chatting. Right now, teams available are ROYALS, ANGELS, NATIONALS-See attached for rosters. -Fantrax, Head to head catagories. You have 6 matchups each week. Leave the week with a 6 game record. Catagories are: R, HR, RBI, BA, SB, OBS, W, QS, ERA, WHIP, K, S
  9. League is filled. Creating a waiting list. Potentially 3-6 teams opening next season
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