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  1. Steve kerr running this 3pt shooting motion heavy offense as if klay and kd are on the team. How bout feeding wiseman and establishing an inside presence on offense so the floor opens up. He has the #2 overall pick playing in a clint capela role SMH
  2. Why draft wiseman with your second overall pick if you plan to close with a small-ball lineup
  3. the best thing that can happen for his fantasy value is a trade to the sixers or some other dark horse team. as an nba fan tho, id like to see him go to BK
  4. yall trippin.. dont get mad cuz someone had the wit to make a smart business move. it's such a unique situation i think its dope how it adds to the complexity of fantasy
  5. I think he out for the season.. Every update was worse than the last one. I think they knew his season was done, the nets just taking care of him. Im desperately tryna trade him lol
  6. Yeah idk if he’s must add. Lebron and ad get so much usage. Best case scenario is 12 points and 6 ast imo
  7. When do you guys think is the right time to trade whiteside for some good value? With nurkic coming back/portland making a trade for gallo or love, whiteside’s value could significantly drop. I just got offered rozier for him, should i pull the trigger?
  8. Indiana needs to trade this guy. Mcmillan doesn't utilize him enough. He should be shooting as many threes as brook lopez does if his role is gonna be a pure stretch 5.
  9. Why havent we got any updates on this guy. He’s a pretty high profile player already 5 weeks into his 4-6 week timetable.
  10. Im wondering the same, kyrie owner in my league offered him to me for whiteside. This shoulder injury is real mysterious but idk what whitesides ROS outlook is either since he might get traded/nurk coming back soon
  11. might actually drop this guy in an 8 team league lol richaun holmes looking better haha
  12. Is he gonna get his sg,sf eligibility back on yahoo? Idk why they took it off especially with delon wright starting at point
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