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  1. Looking good tonight. The ups and downs are nauseating but tempted to jump on board again as his leash is as long as they come .
  2. Thought it was a shoulder injury but hey just said elbow
  3. Great question/point. The seahawks defense is beginning to look interesting
  4. With my leagues keeper deadline coming soon, I am revisiting this post that I made a couple months ago. Now with Damien Williams injured (although mild injury) what’s the consensus between him and Mack? Mack suddenly seems safer for me. 10 team PPR. Thanks.
  5. I'm thinking Ebron, as he seems to be a reliable redone target as a matchup nightmare, in a position that's hard to come by for consistency
  6. Trying to decide my running back keeper for next year. Due to the high octane KC offense, I was initially going to go with D. Williams, but I am also considering Mack. I know KC got Hyde, and I still remember how Williams underachieved on Miami, so I am still unsure on who to keep. Both backs ended the season well. Thoughts?
  7. Some rookies from this year that may be at an affordable ADP next year seem like good targets. I'm thinking SGA, JJJ, maybe Mo Bamba even.
  8. I think Rodney’s poor performance in Cleveland was also attributed to the pressures of being a primary scorer after Love’s injury. He still is a perimeter threat and I think he’s decent for 2 threes and some points with all the attention to lillard and cj. Portland needed another scorer to take pressure off their back court so I understand the move. Hood may be rosterable in the deeper formats.
  9. Wondering who to start: Engram against Oakland or ASJ against the Chiefs. WHIR
  10. Wondering who to start: Engram against Oakland or ASJ against the Chiefs. WHIR
  11. He’s a lot more athletic than he looks. Reminds me of a young Eric Gordon, with hitting threes and surprisingly throwing down the occasional dunk
  12. Won me some good DFS money tonight. I do think he may have earned himself enough attention to avoid DNPs in the future, for what that’s worth
  13. If you look, his left hip internally rotates and his ankle pronates, both to take pressure off the knee...that saves the MCL, but the meniscus is a little worrisome. Luckily he wasn’t on one foot during the hot, and it was slow velocity so no terrible triad. Meniscus is not safe though
  14. This guy totally passes the eye test. I know he's not 100% yet, but could've fooled me this morning. Definitely worth some FAAB
  15. Coleman seems like the better play. Anderson is a gamble, but I'd play it safe
  16. I'd say Ty Montgomery is the safest...but if you decide to wait for OBJ status, I do think Peterson is safe for a touchdown against Minnesota on MNF
  17. Like most everyone else, I think Crowell and Powell. I can see Mixon as soon as week 2 depending on how he does this week, but he's a wait and see, it's just a matter of when
  18. If OBJ doesnt play, trying to decide between Sterling Shepard and Jamaal Charles (monday night) for my flex spot in deep PPR league. Any thoughts? WHIR
  19. I'd do it, with OBJ questionable and probably limited if he plays
  20. Winston, Abdullah, derrick Henry are all droppable for mixon
  21. I'm not saying start with your highest offer, but at least put up an offer somewhat reasonable. No one in their right mind would take Doug Martin and Jeffrey for Odell. If they accepted, it would get vetoed. I personally wouldn't get offended if I got that because I've gotten hilarious offers. They entertain me. But I've seen managers who would reject it, and counter offer something even more ridiculous to get the point across. I just figure why waste the time
  22. Dougie and Jeffrey is offensive. You don't want to insult the guy. That'll shut down all negotiations for some managers. It has to be either Gurley or Cook and Jeffrey for Odell , then doug Martin may have to additionally be thrown in for a 3 for 2.
  23. I'd say latavius, I like Hogan, although I think he's getting hyped beyond belief. You don't have Cook so Latavius is not a cuff for you, he's the one to drop
  24. Haha, me and your cousin are on the same page. I like Julio too. Give him a nice big hug to stimulate his deep proprioceptive sensory processing, because he's modulating well; his mental processing is the same as you and I. Julio is my #1 receiver
  25. Although I'm not one of them, most of my friends value OBJ over Julio. I'm here with my friend now who is a physical therapist, and here's his reasoning...Julio previously fractured his fifth metatarsal, so he tends to pronate more in terminal stance, leading to more force in his 1st MTP… After a bunionectomy, sometimes the first ray extension can be limited, which may affect Julios ability to take off, cut and get jump balls comfortably as the season goes on. So he says this may affect him more with than his 2013 situation (I don't fully buy it because a screw loose in the foot seems just a
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