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  1. Finally hit a shot. 2/10 now. Let's see if that gets him going again. Lord I hope so!
  2. Middleton laying an egg yet again. There's something seriously wrong with him. I'm not sure if it's injury related or a mental thing, but he's been off for a while now. Hopefully he gets things together soon.
  3. If he's playing PG now, why does Yahoo only have him as being strictly SG eligible?
  4. It was in a 14 teamer, I got him at #26, and DeRozan at #31. It should have been the other way, but oh well. I've realized that the 2 things my team is most deficient at is 3's and AST's, and if I'm patient, he'll provide me with both again. The REB's are nice, but I don't need those as much. Anyways, hopefully patience will pay off for me.
  5. Another iffy game. 16/7/3 is OK, but the 5/16 shooting is a killer. Brogdon, my 10th round pick, has been outplaying him for weeks now. This year has not gone the way us Middleton owners hoped for. This is not what I expected out of my 2nd round pick. He's been a 3-4th round value maybe, but there were better players on the board for me in the 2nd. Disappointing. Hope he turns it around.
  6. Man Middleton has been BRUTAL lately. He's single-handedly dragging my team's FG% down (next to Lonzo of course). I don't know what's going on with him, but this season has not gone as we hoped it would for him. Except for 3's. he really hasn't looked liked a clear cut 2nd option as of late. Brogdon has been outplaying him by a mile for a couple weeks now. Hope he rebounds soon. I'm not selling low.
  7. Got him in my 14 team league. Currently ranked #90 in Yahoo leagues, even after slowing down after that hot start. I figure he's worth a flyer even though Bagley's minutes have risen a bit. He's still starting, still seeing minutes in the mid 20's, and helps a little bit everywhere.
  8. He's testing my patience, but the track record is there, so I think the best thing to do is muster up some more patience and hold...or buy low at a reasonable offer.
  9. Me too, with Atlanta going nowhere fast, Bembry has nowhere to go but up.
  10. I own Warren, Ariza, and Bridges. All are getting over 25 minutes now and will eat in this offense. Bridges is still available in more than 80% of Yahoo leagues, and is a proactive add in the inevitable case that’s Ariza gets traded to a contender. He is still providing low end value as it stands now though. As for Warren, he has easily been the WW pickup of the year. But I see Bridges minutes increasing as the year wears on. The stocks and 3’s he provides is rare.
  11. Quietly averaging over 2.5 stocks the last 2 weeks. I just added him in my 14 team league. Shrewd add in the case Adams ever goes down, and he is still producing low end value in 15-20 minutes anyways.
  12. I need the assists so I'm holding. Gets a 3 and a steal a game, good FG% and some Rebounds trickled in. Deserves an end of the bench spot, once he's healthy of course.
  13. Ageeed. They have freakin Wesley Johnson starting at the 3. That’s all that needs to be said.
  14. 12 shots tonight, 2 3’s, 25 minutes. As long as he stays aggressive, he will remain a hold, considering how thin the waiver wire typically is for PG’s.
  15. I'm in 1st place in my Roto league, punting assists. Holiday is keeping me afloat, I'm ranked 6/10 in assists surprisingly, and Durant's helped too. The rest of my team is in my sig. I dropped Rondo about a week ago, but I haven't really dropped that much in assists. Kawhi and Brogdon help as well. Both have been great values in their respective draft positions.
  16. Totally agree with this. I picked up Warren instead of Siakam in part because of what you said, and I was also anticipating that T.J would earn PF eligibility, which he just did this morning (in Yahoo leagues). The fact that he now has SF/PF eligility helps his value even more.
  17. He was dropped in my 10 team Roto league, so I'm guessing my league isn't the only one where he was dropped. I think people are scared off by his lack of minutes in the 4th. I feel like coach speak carries weight, and Brooks called him "a winner" after the Orlando game, and said he will get it together, so to speak. He's been consistent for the past 3 years, it's not like he forgot how to play basketball. Players have slumps, they go through down periods, it happens. But he's too good not to bounce back. Here is the Rotoworld panel discussing why you should buy low on Otto: http://
  18. I own both. Warren is ranked 58th, and Hart 61st in Yahoo Roto leagues so far this year, and each is 65% owned, with Warren trending up, and Hart trending down. Each brings a different skill set, but neither hurts you anywhere. With Warren, it's PT's (and 3PT's now), with solid %'s and a trickle of defensive stats, while with Hart, the %'s aren't as good, but his REB numbers are solid for a guard, and his Steal rate is elite. If the minutes are there, he is a must hold in all leagues, and with the way Ingram has been playing, I see his minutes trending up as the year goes on. He is a perfect f
  19. I think it’s possible, assuming the minutes are there like yesterday. I’m holding ROS, he’s clearly become a better 3PT shooter, the stocks are still there, his FG% is still solid, his FT% has increased, and he doesn’t hurt you anywhere. He’s a solid hold for me even with a couple duds mixed in there every now and then.
  20. How did this man literally go from “if he’s on the wire, you’re in a taco league” to “F this fool, imma drop him”, in less than 3 weeks? Seriously? He’s getting the minutes, you know he will hit a steady amount of 3’s, get you a steal or two a game, and he’s been handling the call more, which correlates with his increase in assists. He’s a top 100 player easily, assuming he doesn’t get benched later on in the year.
  21. Seriously guys...the track record is there. He has finished within the top 50 safely now for 3 years. He’s still getting minutes even with their log jam at the wings. It is only a matter of time before he picks things up again. Someone in my league dropped him Thursday, and I put in a claim on him and won. To those who drafted him, why sell low on a 3-4th round pick now? It makes no sense. He may not be fun to own, but he doesn’t hurt you anywhere either. If you can’t get solid mid round value in return, be patient and let things play out.
  22. With Otto Porter playing subpar, Green has gotten more minutes, and has taken advantage. 19/10 in his last outing in 34 minutes. As a Porter owner, I’m thinking of picking Green up. What do you guys think about his ROS outlook?
  23. Coming from a long time Laker fan, the beauty about Hart's game is that he doesn't need usage to contribute, as he said: We saw what he was able to do his first couple of games, when the whole team was healthy. He contributes in pretty much every category, a jack of all trades type of player. His %'s aren't great, but he makes up for that by producing counting stats. He's averaging nearly 2.5 stocks on the year, and 2.0 3PT's, even though he's been cold over the past week. If he's on the wire, take a chance on him. His upside is high, as we've seen, and he has a safe floor of 25
  24. Totally agree. The lack of patience on this website is laughable.
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