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  1. Rest In Paradise. Legends never die.
  2. Owned Shai last year as well, I'm so glad he's being UNLEASHED!
  3. I think Kennard will just take some usage away which is fine as I picked him up for the assists/stls. Hopefully he keeps the starting job once Jackson returns or else he could be a drop.
  4. Any updates? Hopefully Bagley is questionnable for Friday?
  5. I'm holding for now, too much upside and Jazz have a good play off schedule but I'm also ahead in my league and can afford it. If I was in the middle it would be a tough decision.
  6. This is rough. We'll see what the updates are, hopefully it wasn't anything serious and more precautionary.
  7. Minnesota would be great with their 4-3-4 play off schedule as well.
  8. Holmes was also in foul trouble. Ceiling is too high to drop and he still feats on 20-25 mins anyways. It'll be interesting to see what happens if Walton decides to start Bagley instead and bring Holmes off the bench.
  9. It's hard to trust rookies so maybe 4th although a some may take him earlier.
  10. Anyone see how bad his injury was? he left the game and didn't come back.
  11. If you need to win now drop. I'm locked in my first week bye so I'm gonna hold and hopefully Luke realizes the small ball line up isn't working.
  12. He scored! Improvement from last game, LEVERTSZN leggo!
  13. If they were gonna sit him I think they would have already especially since he helps them win, I can't remember the source but I remember reading that the Hawks like having his veteran leadership in the starting 5 along side VC otb.
  14. Top 40 last 2 weeks, it looked like his injury was bothering him earlier in the season but he looks good ros.
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