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  1. I finished it, i mean every end of ep it will leave you hanging on the thought that what would happen next.
  2. For me it hooked me, cause that's the series that i want, the story is not boring and will left you hanging till you see the next ep.
  3. Try watching American horror stories, title is kinda deceiving but the story line and flows are great! Binge to watched actually.
  4. Even Lebron is unable to play i think that i can win with this bet, with +12 odds. what do you think?
  5. Alright i will watch it later. thanks for the feedback atleast now i have an idea.
  6. sense 8 is about 8 people who is connected to each other?? i remember watching it's first ep. then switch to watching dexter instead.
  7. i watched ozark but i didn't finish season 1, how many season does it have now?
  8. Still waiting was also a sum 41 classic, nice dude!
  9. are those series all horrors? also i'm looking for a series like braking bad or sons of anarchy.
  10. Classic rock album, Led zeppelin, black sabbath at pink floyd.
  11. what series do you watch in netflix???
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