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  1. 12 team, PPR, keep 3 players in the 1st 3 rounds of the draft. I am keeping CEH and Tyreek from my team for sure. Going to hinge my hopes on the KC connection for the next couple of years. My other options on my team are Lamb, Andrews, Gaskin, Lamar J. Not really sure about any of those. I have reached out to other managers for trades. A couple interesting names have popped up as available. Can you give me your top 2 or 3 ranked of who I should go after as my third keeper. I can trade for them with a draft pick. Darren Waller Miles Sanders JK Do
  2. If you had to pick a top 5 at every position for dynasty leagues, what would that look like?
  3. Rest of season and keeper status? Could pull this trade off but want to know who is a better keeper? CEH in that KC offense or Zeke as the bell cow of the offense that Jerry is most certainly going to try to fix
  4. Who is a better stash for this year, Hasty or Dobbins?
  5. I need a 3rd keeper. I am keeping CMC and Kamara. Which WR would you guys meet? Rounds don’t matter, we keep as top 3 picks. 12 team full PPR league
  6. Where do we see him next season? Bounce back candidate or is he only good with another stud WR to take pressure off of him?
  7. I was thinking the same way, thanks!
  8. No stipulations, we get to keep 3 players and they count as our top 3 picks. Then the draft starts in round 4.
  9. We can wait up until the draft but with how Lamar has been playing I wanted to see if he was worth considering in a 12 team keeper league or if QBs shouldn’t be kept
  10. We get 3 keepers for next year. With the way QBs are looked at in fantasy, would it be crazy to use one of my keepers on him? 12 team PPR I have these guys to choose from: Lamar Zeke Chubb Godwin OBJ Kelce Jacobs Green Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Team is in 1st place, made some trades to go for it this year. Want to know which 3 I should look at keeping for next year. 12 team PPR, you keep them as your top 3 picks and then draft from there. Lamar Jackson QB - BAL Ezekiel Elliott RB - DAL Josh Jacobs RB - OAK Chris Godwin WR - TB Calvin Ridley WR - ATL Travis Kelce TE - KC Nick Chubb RB - CLE Derrius Guice RB - WAS James White RB - NE Odell Beckham WR - CLE Will Fuller WR - HOU A.J. Green WR - CIN
  12. I give Zeke and one of Hunter Henry or Evan Engram and I get Cooper Kupp, Devante Adams and Sony Michel. Is that worth giving up Zeke? We are allowed to keep 3 players for the next year. 12 team full PPR Here is my team: Lamar Zeke Jacobs OBJ Godwin Kelce Engram Edmonds Green Williams Henry
  13. Sorry I forgot to add this into my post My Team: Lamar Zeke Jacobs OBJ Godwin Kelce Engram Edmonds Green Williams Henry
  14. I have Kelce, Engram and H Henry and am in need of RB help. What TE should I trade and who can I realistically get for them?
  15. Which side would you take? WHIR 12 team PPR Keep 3 next season My Team: Lamar Zeke Jacobs OBJ Godwin Kelce Engram Edmonds Green Williams Henry Would be giving up Zeke as a keeper but adding Adams and Kupp possibly as a keeper
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