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  1. Same here. Our Yahoo league hasn’t updated. Standings aren’t the same as it was and at the end of last night.
  2. This guy struggles without Trae Young...
  3. As an OG owner, I was looking at the schedule for the Raptors and saw back to back to back to back games from 4/8 through 4/11. Is that right? Seems like a mistake.
  4. Are we expecting him to be back this week?
  5. What are the chances this guys plays all 4 games this week? Maybe limited minutes again?
  6. Now doubtful for Tuesday. This guy...
  7. Hey everyone, I was wondering who everyone thought will be a better option for next week and ROS? Josh Jackson or Saddiq Bey? Thanks!
  8. I thought he was somewhat a decent free throw shooter. Seems to be worse than last season.
  9. Dang. White yesterday and Johnson today. Killed my %.
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