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  1. Dropped LaVine for him after it looked like LaVine might not come back the rest of the season. I have him and Do... Let's go backup PGs!
  2. LaVine sustained some sort of injury now. I'm tempted to drop him for Kevin huerter. I'm going to wait and see if he plays the next game...
  3. Drop Zeller for Maxi Kleber? I could use more blocks but Kleber and Zeller seem to be even keel...not sure which has the most potential at this point. I'm in 1st place, and playoffs start today...
  4. Dropped Warren for LeVert. Now I have 3 Nets on my team: Levert, Allen, and the Snitch
  5. Yeah I probably would have been better off dropping him at the time of injury as previously mentioned, and pick up someone else like a Josh Jackson. I do have D. Booker on my squad, hoping he'll continue to be played this season.
  6. If he isn't ready within 3 games after the ASB, then he's a drop for me and I'm picking someone else up.
  7. Based on the initial 2-3 week estimate they gave at the time of injury... you'd figure by sometime next week.
  8. Added Jackson and dropped Huerter. Where has Jackson been this entire season?
  9. I'm holding KH for 3 games to see what he does. Also (unrelated) holding to the injured TJ Warren.
  10. I'm in the same boat. I'm in the playoffs no problem. I have rodions kurucs right now and I'm thinking of dropping him for Levert. I also have Russell & the nets starting center. What do you guys think about dropping kurucs for Levert?
  11. I'm giving him another two games since he had a much better game last night. Nothing is real tempting on my waiver wire right now anyhow, and I'm in first place as it is (at least right now - subject to change)...except for maybe Luke Kornet.
  12. Anyone see that block on AD last night against the Pelicans? He really gave it to that guy good
  13. This sounds kinda dirty. Anyways, I'm going to let him play two more games and see how he performs. He definitely seems like he can penetrate at ease and beat his man off. The dribble
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