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  1. Oh yeah, he's definitely an upgrade over Layman. What were they thinking having Layman at 4?
  2. Whiteside is like a high-flying dunker on defense. Little to no impact.
  3. Really? I thought GTD was their only label and they would just update the blurb if things changed.
  4. We're all in the same boat of wanting more minutes for him. But given that it took him the entire offseason to make a decision and this was the best he could do which is to play for the Kings for a vet's minimum as a 3rd stringer -- getting waived is the least he'd want. Best case scenario as always, Holmes goes down.
  5. His salary just holds no leverage where a team plays him to up his trade value. Zero.
  6. Yeah, I just thought the lineup of Maledon/Hill/SGA/Baz/Horford is a possibility too. Because BBALL reference lied to all those who didn't watch OKC last season where SGA clearly played SF the first half of the season where they ran a CP3/Schroder/SGA lineup and his pos% est. didn't back it up.
  7. Whiteside doesn't have that leverage. He's not being paid the big bucks, he has no say. The Kings don't care about whether he stays quiet or not. If he becomes a headcase again, he's likely getting waived. You're lucky you got offered Lowry for Whiteside and Baynes.
  8. Has anyone sold high on him yet? Wondering if anyone has gotten that lucky so far.
  9. I trust the coach will continue to give him minutes for his high energy on D. I mean, locking up Mitchell and kept him from scoring above 20 points is a bucket list in itself, so he and the coach should be proud of that. 40% is an outlier, no way he keeps that up. But his path to minutes is there for the first half of the season at least, IMO anyway. Because Maledon is a great PG and they might run a Maledon-SGA lineup often later in the season. But a Maledon/SGA/Dort/Baz/Horford is possible too.
  10. Swipe. Swipe. Swipe it now swipe https://www.nba.com/stats/events/?ContextMeasure=STL&GameID=0022000043&PlayerID=1629652&Season=2020-21&SeasonType=Regular Season&TeamID=&flag=1&sct=plot&section=game
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