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  1. Pollard all the way https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/834242-lineup-help-whir/
  2. Im leaning towards Bowden or gus. And unfortunately i like gus they just do nothing but run the ball.
  3. Thanks for mine! I like landry. Them pats are just unreliable
  4. It sucks to sit Claypool against Bengals. But Mclaurins gotta be the start.
  5. I would go Patriots as well. Miami is banged up
  6. I would go Ravens as well. Jacksonville has not looked very good
  7. TE: Hockenson or Cook? RB chose 3: Gurley, Edwards, Mostert, Wilson Jr, Gibson (unsure hes playing as of right now), Hunt. DEF: Tenessee or Arizona? WHIR Lead me to the promise land everyone
  8. Would you consider this for gurley if he says no to conner?
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