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  1. jesus.... 6 and 7, 2 steals 2 blocks in 9 minutes.... monster line incoming, hopefully cavs can make it competitive
  2. moment of truth now if he can't put up stats vs cleveland without Jarrett Allen/Larry Nance.......
  3. hard guy to deploy you don't know if he's going put up a good line or massively murder you in %/TO categories
  4. thank god OKC suck so bad he will always get some garbage time where opposing defenses dont care anymore
  5. got some garbage time to make his line more respectable 11/5 with 2 blocks
  6. ahahah the Free throws awesome "a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one"
  7. what an insane line 35/14/21/2/1 with 4 triples
  8. Barton's the first guy i'll be dropping when the post trade deadline prospects start revealing themselves
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