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  1. low rebounds and blocks a concern? or just normal variation
  2. Its becoming a recurring thing for booker where he hits like 8 shots in 1st quarter, then 2 shots for remainder of the game
  3. its a shame Portland folded after the 3rd quarter Booker was feeling it, scoring in whatever way he wanted might've dropped 50 if it was a close game
  4. had some foul trouble but still put up 27/15/4 with 3 triples, 1 steal, 3 blocks and elite %
  5. 3 straight trip dubs didn't expect this from Butler at all when I drafted Thought it would be the usual 20/5/5 + 2 steals + mass free throws whereas now its looking to trend more towards a 16-18ppg 8 reb 8 assists if his FG% isn't terrible could he make top 10?
  6. the assists are starting to come back a bit averaging 6.5assists per game over past 6 games and TO's are also coming down If it sticks, he will make his way back up into top 30
  7. this guy gonna do anything in 4th q at all?
  8. ladies and gents we have a defensive stat! Is it Christmas?
  9. we're in for another 30 points 1 rebound 2 assist game
  10. has he even touched the ball in the 4th quarter?
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