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  1. I agree. Will take him in the 2nd round with zero hesitation
  2. I'm getting smoked and projected to lose by a lot. Hockenson has been amazing all year. But I need a guy that could get me 5 or 20 in Cook. Hopefully it's a 45-44 type game
  3. Those 70 yarders def help his ypc. I'm rolling him out in 2 leagues... Need another career day
  4. Sanders in a high scoring game. Him, Cook and Kamara will see all the work Brady as well here. With no Rojo I think Brady will have to throw more. GL. I'm playing both as well in a semifinal
  5. I'm in a similar situation and I think i would play Manny Sanders as well. Also I'm starting Cook because i'm in a hole and i need a high ceiling player. Love AB, especially if you need a 3rd and 6 catch. But there's simply not enough targets to go around.
  6. Justin Jefferson vs Bears Robert Woods vs Jets Amari Cooper vs 49ers Robby Anderson @ Green Bay I got put in a major hole going against Waller and Herbert last night and need a boom. JJ is a start. I think
  7. They get Cinci in week 16. That's the week to trust them... Not this week
  8. I totally agree here with Woods. Not sure if I'm going to start him. I think they want to get out with an easy W and play Seattle in week 16.
  9. Forreal... I gotta face Henry this week. I need positive Akers big energy in here.
  10. Yea man. Benched him in 2 leagues this week. WEEK 15...... OH HE'S STARTING FOR ME.....
  11. I need help. I'm starting Brady and Evans which makes me nervous to start AB. Keke might bust and Washington might bust. Need an upside play.
  12. Game is in Philly. Doesn't make it easier. But I rather him get a start like this at home vs having to travel to New Orleans. Hopefully they play better at home than on the road in a tough environment.
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