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  1. 5 blocks... whew. If only he could've made more shots and this line looks wayyyy better.
  2. This dude is going nuclear in the first day of a playoff week, lmao. Props to anyone who's got him rn
  3. Looking excellent at the half. Granted it's a Bucks roster without starters but it's time to pick up if you haven't already 👀
  4. Four 3s and it's not even the half yet? Studdddd
  5. Granted this is the Nets and the last two were Houston, but you love to see him kill it out there. Looks like a star especially tonight
  6. Whether he gets traded or not, bad timing when everyone's assuming it's trade related due to how close we are to the deadline...
  7. I would add Maxey if he's also included in a Lowry trade package.
  8. Hoping he sticks in the starting lineup ROS. Between him and KPJ, that ended my punt assist team build lmao
  9. I'm really looking to pick him up in a keeper league soon. He looks so good out there
  10. Have the same feeling with him as KPJ... might not materialize until after the deadline or at worst late in the season or so but picked him up with my IL free, cause why not lol
  11. It's times like these I wish we had the old 🥴 reaction back lol
  12. The initial days off a while back were because his dad was very sick, and the recent ones (which have been two so far) are for his funeral... I'm not what you want to get out of that, him to personally come to you and apologise to your fantasy team for putting his family first? Sheesh
  13. Eagerly awaiting him to get the PG position for that extra flexibility 🔥
  14. Such is the pain of Ayton and Collins owners last season lol. At least Yahoo has IL+ now...
  15. He has but he's been running around the G League playing point - sky's the limit. https://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/261612/Rockets-Hope-To-Turn-Kevin-Porter-Jr-Into-Point-Guard
  16. Ah I almost forgot about that beef, lmao. He and CP3 would work amazingly on paper anyway. Maybe they can put it aside for a potential ring, no?
  17. Likely was just sat out because it was a b2b. Would be good to have him back since I'm playing the #1 guy in the league 😂
  18. Suns waived Damian Jones. Potential landing spot for Boogie, maybe?
  19. Picking him up. Lakers are up against the Jazz next could be a 30 minute outing against Gobert.
  20. Let's see - maybe he won't be out too long. I initially thought it was his hand injury from last season but that was his other hand. As someone who has him in a keeper league... it's been wild lol
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