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  1. 18 team points league. Just wondering who to maintain as my IR stash with potential X-factor for playoff time.
  2. I both want to write here and can't even muster up the energy anymore
  3. After I finally dropped Bey some time ago, he went off for 28 points. Forward till now and after I begrudgingly dropped Hunter today because he looked less and less likely to get back on track and pick up Bey again, he proceeds to go 0-7 and counting with gusto, while Hunter is questionable for tomorrow.
  4. Will play but won't start, as per FL. How much does this affect his potential production tonight?
  5. Just joining the choir at this point, but Bam somehow feels more reliable. Randle's been fantastic this year, especially for points league, but that dude just is money. Of course not exactly a judgment overflowing with analytics and **** lol, but my 2 cents
  6. This is for a shallow roto league, 9-cat. Which one has the higher upside ROS? Both produce well with limited minutes, both have had uneven playing time, but Williams looks to have a green light, but for a potential acquisition via buyout. Who'd you go with
  7. Safe to drop now, I suppose? In shallower leagues, at least.
  8. Yeah, kinda fearful of him just having the best tickets to the game available and not much else.
  9. Based on how much Vuc handled the rock in Orlando, what does this do for our Czech budget Swiss knife?
  10. FWIW, the Magic have recently revived at least one player's game who looked to be in deep the mud (until ensuing unfortunate events, of course)
  11. Ugh. Yikes. Why can't I ever draft normal players
  12. That sorry a** franchise should be relocated
  13. I know I'm veering into Ast-Coach territory, but I'll keep it brief and rhetorical: wish this guy was certain to be more droppable than WCJ.
  14. After all this thorough resting I wouldn't be surprised at Thunder saying he's out for the season with a sore back or something. Hopefully just 3 days of this bullshit left, one way or another
  15. I don't really have any expectations, but with the deadline so close I might as well keep him for that time at the very least. Because if this persists, then I don't think there's much point to holding him in H2H formats, while a new scenario would at least give you one more roll of them dice.
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