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  1. Maaan the Beyhive really hasn't been buzzing in the last few games
  2. Wonder if he could mitigate some of that through being able to facilitate more, or is that similarly hampered by Sexland?
  3. Interested in what Nance might bring to the table - considering the Cavs got Drummond out of the way, could he start producing them popcorn stats worthy of rostering in points leagues? Or do they cancel each other out with Allen?
  4. In light of this, is he already a must-pick-up, especially in leagues on the deeper side?
  5. Hella random observation, but it's kinda fitting that the man with the most neo soul name in the league is on the roster of the Motor City's franchise.
  6. I dropped NAW for now, because Miles and WCJ have been quite serviceable in this league and I probs wouldn't get either back. As for your trade, I think it looks good? Depends on how Siakam's season continues, of course, but both him and Melo seem good fits for points formats imo
  7. Either one seems OK to me. I always tend to underrate him because of the limited extent of his statlines, but if the treys are of any use, Bojan seems a solid piece in a H2H team. Delon is a complete mystery box, of course
  8. Quickley for Thad seems legit, as a secondary proposition perhaps Trent for Delon.
  9. 18 team points league, H2H. Not sure how greatly points leagues differ but points, rebounds, field goals made etc all count in this one. Wondering if I should put a bit in for Nance, who was dropped. My team is: Trae, C. White VanVleet, Smart, Burks, NAW Wiggins, Miles B, Bazley Covington, PJ Washington Ayton, WCJ (IR) Do I have a clear drop and if yes, why?
  10. Pretty dire stuff. Is he rosterable at all these days?
  11. Statlines sure are a roll of the dice with this one
  12. dude doesn't have a thread, but is he likable to produce any decent volume of popcorn stats? might be in bad taste to ask in AG's thread, but just wondering what kind of a player he is.
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