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  1. With the recent developments, is it more worthwhile to stash Winslow over Otto Porter? Thanks!
  2. THJ has been pretty underwhelming lately. Is it worth it to drop THJ and pick up Nerlens Noel? Thanks!
  3. Thinking of dropping THJ for Napier. Hope Napier can keep up this production.
  4. Think Napier can keep up his production? Is THJ even valuable right now? Thanks!
  5. Thinking of trading Aaron Gordon for a decent point guard. Who do you think I should go for? Rubio or Lonzo Ball? Think the owner will accept the trade? Thanks!
  6. My end of bench guys are THJ and Eric Gordon. Who should I drop to get Elfrid Payton? STL and AST would be nice. Are they even worth dropping for Elf? Thanks!
  7. I still have one IR slot remaining. I’m planning on stashing Kennard, Winslow, Wagner, or Reggie Jackson. Who among the four should I take? Thanks!
  8. Someone just dropped Herro and I’m thinking of picking him up. Who should I drop? Eric Gordon, Dillon Brooks, or THJ? I feel like Herro has more usage compared to these three. Thanks!
  9. Still worth the pickup even though Beal has returned?
  10. Do you guys think his production will go down once Oladipo returns? Time to sell high now?
  11. Should I accept? I need STL and AST but I feel like Spellman is going to have a breakout year. Maybe I can get more for him? Thanks!
  12. Someone offered D. Fox for my JJJ. I am highly considering as I am in need of STL and AST. Worth it?
  13. This dude starts producing after I dropped him a few weeks ago.
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