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  1. just wanted some speculation lol, i know nobody really knows lol.
  2. Any idea what the rotation/playing time will be now that Hoidberg is gone?
  3. Probably play the same minutes but not the crucial ones. Dropped him for Jarrett Allen cuz of 4 games this week but I'll still keep my eye out for McGee all season.
  4. 10 team/ 8 CAT/No TOs/ Don't know why someone dropped him. League settings are kinda jacked up because the waiver wire position is always the same..so I'll be stuck at 9th all season.
  5. Just a bunch or random people, I only know 1 dude. 10 team. Most likely going to scoop up JA on Monday for McGee
  6. Ibaka just got dropped overnight. Recommendations on who you would drop? I'm willing to drop McGee and maybe Mirotic(nice value when AD is out thuough...I have Harrell too but he produces some decent numbers. Punting assits and FT%. I'm 9th on the WW though..
  7. For real, I wanna pick him up but the mins are too sketch.
  8. Yeah, pretty much my fear. Jarrett Allen is on the WW, but I'm a Laker fan so McGee is more fun lol
  9. Is he worth streaming for only 1 game? I'd have to drop McGee, don't think I'd get McGee back. I DO need the 3s, FT% but just for today as I'm tied in several categories.
  10. Do you think he'll actually suit up today? Kinda need the 3PMs since Curry is out and RoCo just got traded..I have Harrell but not really digging the match up vs the Bucks. I don't have any other PFs besides Mirotic and Harrell
  11. Aight, thanks. Dropped Schroeder for Adams.
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