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  1. Obviously I’d rather have Carson then Ingram but I’d prefer Arod ROS over Burrow. I guess it comes down to if your comfortable starting Burrow the rest of the way. If so take the first deal. If not just take Ingram for Burrow and hope Dobbins goes down 😬
  2. You guys are a lot more optimistic then I am when it comes to CMC’s return. I’m 1-1 btw but why are we so confident that Carolina rushes the face of their franchise back after signing him long term and making him the highest paid RB in history? The Panthers are 0-2 and are going nowhere fast. This could be a tank job coming up. I just see Carolina being very cautious with CMC.
  3. So I lost CMC and my RBs was too depleted to hold onto him. I literally would have been forced to start Latavius Murray and Zack Moss. It’s 0.5 PPR league Btw. He had to go. I settled on CMC and Zack Moss for Miles Sanders. Thoughts?
  4. My waiver is last so no chance I get Mike a Davis. I’m really waiting to see how the waivers shake out tomorrow morning before I make a move. One thing I know is CMC has gotta go. I’m ravaged with injuries and need help now. Thanks for the response
  5. So I’m one of the unlucky ones who lost CMC this week. I do not have the RB depth to weather the storm. I already lost Mack and would be literally forced to start Moss and Latavius Murray at RB. Would you make either of these trades for CMC Trade 1: CMC for Drake and McKinnon. (Both would start for me immediately and I own Edmonds) Trade 2: CMC for Ekeler and John Kelley( is hate to be forced to start 2 RBs from the same team but may be forced too if I did this trade) thoughts?
  6. I own both Moss and Edmonds and if I had to drop one of them I’d drop Moss first so yes do it
  7. I’d drop him for either of those 2. Eagles offensive line is in shambles
  8. Actually I’d drop all of them for him but in this order. Singletary, Swift, Dobbibs
  9. No way I’d make that trade. Infact I wouldn’t trade Diggs straight up for Godwin
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