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  1. Not a Charger fan here either, but if the Chargers can get some competent coaching, get key players healthy, and draft well next year then they should be one of the top 3-4 teams in the AFC. They've had this internal losing culture forever though. They need a strong confident coach to hold everyone accountable.
  2. Before anybody asks, this guy stinks with Julio out (57 yards in 3 games by my count). Might be best to just dump all non-Ridley Falcons at this point.
  3. Looks like a few posts that were talking about that got deleted for some reason, but consensus was nothing to see here until we see it. Tough defense, maybe if the matchup was a little easier.
  4. Iiiiiiiii'mmmmm sooooo hiiiigggghhhhhh, Iiiii caaaannnn hhheeeaaarrrr hhhheeeevvvuuuuuhhhhuuuunnnnnnnn Chad Hansen will be the hero to save us, I'm not gonna stand here and wait, to the waiver wire!
  5. Russell Wilson is bad. Wayne Gallman is effective. 2020 is truly bizarro world.
  6. This guy is bustier than Christina Hendricks. To the bench he goes until further notice (aka Pederson fired, Hurts full time QB, Jordan Howard + Boston Scott removed, he starts catching passes). Aaaahhhh the relief of no longer having to pay any attention to Eagles games this year.
  7. There is hope... Golladay (hip), who won't play Sunday in Chicago, was spotted doing sprints in the end zone pregame, Kyle Meinke of MLive.com reports. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/lions-kenny-golladay-seen-sprinting-sunday/
  8. Did nfl.com just let waivers through last night and then turn them back on til tomorrow? Maybe I missed something but I thought waivers were running tomorrow night. Well if I made a mistake that's on me, but if nfl.com botched this then thanks for the lazy programming that cost me players.
  9. The problem is that: 1. The Eagles suck so they're always behind 2. Sanders seems to have forgotten how to catch, so he can only provide limited help in a hurry up offense 3. Scott can at least catch the ball Takeaway is, Sanders better be spending the week with the Jugs machine. If he can get back to catching the ball well, then there's nothing Scott does that he doesn't do better.
  10. Gotcha, was worried what it's gonna be like without Lane Johnson, didn't watch last night though. I gave up on Eagles football a few weeks back already, welcome to the club, not even Metcalf could get me to turn on the tv last night.
  11. He's averaging 5.6 yards per carry, the usage is absolutely baffling particularly when you have a QB playing so poorly. No excuses for all the drops, but he's getting the job done on the ground.
  12. I'm afraid he's right, Ravens / Steelers, take your shot.
  13. Ya I haven't seen 100% confirmation either, we're probably gonna have to wait til near game time unfortunately. But logic would dictate there's no reason to take him off IR if he can't play. I'm playing this one so that I have a replacement ready if he can't go.
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