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  1. His game reminds me of a Eric Bledsoe / Jrue Holiday. Smooth
  2. He knows hes going to the Finals. NBA will lock this in, book it!
  3. His energy is on and off at times, i think that Brad has a short leash on him and the mistakes outweigh the rewards. Brad all season has not given him heavy minutes because i feel they believe RW is a liability to his own self on the court due to his athletic abilities. It would make no sense if they ran him to the ground w no home court advantage. He can def get lazy and take plays off, where as Theis does go hard every play but cant afford playing him too much mins. During the Utah game RW took a random spill and hit the ground like a wet fish, i thought he broke his hip, even Tatum looked
  4. heard not for regular season at all, goal is playoffs i assume. Will give it his all considering his contract has not brought the return they anticipated.
  5. this sounds like the beginning of the end. Let us pray.
  6. Bubble put a straining players because they had they wives and family there , fighting , beefing, cheating, **** was a **** show but a reality tv goldmine. They couldn’t do nothing but see they wives see they gf , now that the bubble is gone they back at it. plus doing Christmas gatherings didn’t help, half of the NBA still went to houses to celebrate holidays. They messing up their own money, thing is it’s covid so they get to f--- women from diff states , get covid and take a vacation. You don’t gotta show up for practice , fly down to do your job, you just stay quarantine w the gi
  7. The bubble won’t happen, this is all on the players. Think about this , you have 30 teams, players coaches staff trainers, those are the close contacts, then you have the family. Family is a high risk for contacting , but the main culprit is the females that not your star player is banging, but maybe the trainer or the end of the bench guy. He gets covid and daps up tatum or let’s say....KD , KD drops 39 feels good decides hey imma hit up the birdie from the bronx for the boogie down. That chick prolly smashed 4 dudes this week b4 her call to the big leagues. The bubble took that luxury from r
  8. Sac front office is Silicon Valley tycoons bored and wanted to become a jock after years of high school negligence, there I said it
  9. They got him in a D rose type of system where he will be scoring in the paint a lot , expect floaters and drives to the rim.
  10. Has a Shawn Marion mixed with Kevin Martin game to his style. Am I right
  11. Lopez will run with the starters while Wagner eats in the 2nd unit , they need bench play. Wagner is not guarding Joel Embiid over Lopez, ever brooks is on the HOT seat again
  12. Never , ever count out a Kentucky product. k Johnson , cam from phx, the twin towers ad n Kat, the boogaloo bloods @ cousins n wall , randle ballin out man they got a lot who am I missing Edit, SGA - booker - man the list keeps going
  13. Long story short, we keeping him!!! from Texas A & M , I see a deandre
  14. Bradley Beal played out of his mind when John Wall went down, he got a taste of what its like to feel that double coverage and different defensive schemes as the primary option on offense. Its great for his development coming into this season. I believe he is gonna do his best to show he deserves the SUPERMAX contract that he is about to try and obtain through his play in the 2019-2020 NBA SEASON. Thats exciting especially since the East is still wide open and his division is very weak. If you are the #2 Guard in the league he should be able to carry his team to the playoffs the same way Kobe
  15. It was only a two game week, 4 games next week, will see a huge workload for sure
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